Amazing World’s most identical triplets the Crimmins

Amazing World’s most identical triplets the Crimmins
No my friends, this is not a photo illusion, its actually three different people, born on the same day and happen to have the most similar physical traits you have ever seen. Meet the amazing Crimmins, the world’s most identical triplets.
Its not everyday you see this sort of thing. And as hard as it is to tell them apart physically, its even harder to tell them apart by their personality traits habits and way of life in general.
There are many triplets in the world today, some nearly identical and others not. But never has the world seen such identical triplets as these. But it will be a near impossible feat for you to find any who share so much in common as the Crimmins sisters.

These remarkable young women were born in the UK, Northern Ireland back in 1987 and bear a great resemblance. I will just give you their names and you can just pin them to which ever one you can, because I for the life of me do not know who bears what name. However, their names are Laura, Nicola and Alison. Such adorable names for such adorable women!

Apart from being known as the most identical triplets in the world, these ladies are also successful models. According to reports, when they were growing up as children, it was really tough to tell them apart. Amazingly, it didn’t get any easier when they grew up. These days, most people, even those very close to them, can hardly tell them apart. Even their immediate family have a hard time with it. That is how very similar they are in everything. And I’m not just talking about their looks only.Even today at the age of 32, the beautiful sisters still remain very much alike. Take a good look at these pictures and see if you can do better than I did and try to spot a difference.

The Crimmins sisters have always been close knit since they were kids, and quite inseparable. From a very young age, Laura, Nicola, and Alison did everything together, and presently, they are all grown up, and they are closer than ever. I can imagine how much of a task it was for their school teachers and friends to tell the difference.

With regards to their careers, from the age of 10 the world’s most identical triplets were approached by modelling agencies who were trying to sign them. But smartly, they held them off and faced their schooling. They only started their work as models at the age of 16, and have been modeling with great success  since. Over the years they have taken part in many modelling campaigns and fashion shows.

The trio who hail from Dublin always cause people to do a double take whenever they go out together, and who can blame anybody for gaping. And the triplets confessed that it’s something they secretly enjoy!

Probably the most amazing thing about the Crimmins sisters, is that they do everything together. They actually eat the same type of food, Model together and for a long time all lived  together. They also shared a Messenger account they named “Sisters” 

Photos of the most identical triplets in the world

They even do the same exercises and do similar hair styles and visit the hairdresser’s together.

They painstakingly do these things to ensure they continue to look alike. The 32-year-old triplets ensure they do everything in accord so they can all look beautifully alike. And trust me—from these dazzling photos, you can see it’s working out just like they planned it. No matter the attire, you can’t even tell them apart!

Shockingly, they have also achieved the same body measurement and weight.

They eat exactly the same foods and are on the same kind of diet plan. And as a result, the 5ft11 sisters have matching 28inch waists, 34A bra sizes, and weigh bang on 8 ½ stone.


Check out more stunning photos.

Most identical triplets in the world

World's most identical triplets


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