Tupac alive and well with proof: former security guard

Tupac alive and well with proof: former security guard

There have also been conspiracy theories that Tupac is alive. But the rumors have recently taken an eerie and shocking twist after “security guard” claims he has proof a body double was used during the rap star’s cremation.

His name is Michael Nice, and he claims he was on Tupac’s “security team” before his death. In a revealing YouTube video recently, he made some startling new claims.

Confessing to a crime that probably involves one of the greatest cover ups in recent history? Controversially, Michael claims he played a key role in faking Tupac’s murder and subsequent cremation – reviving the long standing conspiracy that the popular artist was not killed in the deadly 1996 Las Vegas shooting.

“I’m going to deliver the goods,” the Nice begins, before dishing out countless claims about the rapper’s secret new life in Cuba.

Speaking to the camera, he says: “I’ve got video evidence of the guy who was [Tupac’s] body double I took to Cuba.

rapper tupac still alive
Tupac Shakur is allegedly said to be alive in Cuba

“There’s been rumours there were many body doubles, I can confirm I know one body double – I can prove it.”

Further, he claims the man is willing to “come forward with living testimony he was the double in Cuba”.

If this story is true, it would prove to be a milestone in reports of Tupac’s survival, which has been most recently speculated by Pac’s record producer Suge Knight’s son. The number of people coming out with claims that the Hip hop star is still alive, wouldn’t have been so unsettling had it not been for the fact that many of the conspiracy theorists were people quite close to the late or alive? rap star.

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Tupac Shakur reportedly died after sustaining injuries from a drive by shooting in 1996

In a more troubling revelation, Michael also claims an unidentified body was buried and cremated in Tupac’s name in order to make the rap star’s disappearance more convincing. Trust me, we were convinced.

“The guy who actually supplied the body-double body, the corpse, has been traced,” Michael said.

“He has evidence he supplied a corpse and he can reveal that corpse’s name and the story behind his death.”

He claims to have concrete proof that foul play was involved. Alongside these claims, Michael announced he is in possession of city records which reveal nobody with the name ”Tupac Amaru Shakur” was cremated on September 14, 1996.

tupac las vegas shooting
Tupac conspiracy theories have been emerging for years

This story of course contradicts the claims made by Suge Knight he spent $3million (£2.7m) on Pac’s cremation the day after he was shot. Who’s telling the truth!

Michael Nice didn’t show any of the evidence in his video, but promised he would provide them imminently.

But just in case you were wondering why Mr. Nice kept silent for so long, it isn’t the first outlandish claim he has made.

He has once stated that Pac’s body was flown out of the US to Cuba on a private Jet.

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