This is how Comedian Bill Cosby is faring in prison

This is how Comedian Bill Cosby is faring in prison

Every time I remember that Bill Cosby is in Prison, it makes me shudder at his horrible fall from grace. But its a chilling fact; the Iconic entertainer now makes his home behind bars.

In a situation that can aptly be described as a dramatic twist of events, disgraced comedian Bill Cosby awoke Wednesday in a room far different from anything in his posh Philadelphia mansion . He arose for the day in a stark, 9-by-12-foot cell inside a brand new maximum-security lockup located about 25 miles away from his residence.

Bill Cosby comedian
Cosby is serving 3-10 years in jail 
The former beloved funny man, turned creepy suspect, turned convicted felon spent his first night in State Correctional Institution Phoenix as inmate No. NN7687 after a short stint at county jail.

For now, Cosby is being kept alone — in a single cell in a unit adjacent to the prison’s medical center. He has certain health issues that may ultimately require closer observation for the duration of his prison sentence.

In an interview, Corrections spokeswoman Amy Wordon“The ultimate goal would be to integrate him into general population,” Pennsylvania Department of Corrections spokeswoman Amy Wordon had this to say:

“He’ll be there on an entry basis as we determine what programs he’s eligible for.”

Cosby is by no means alone in the large facility. The 3,830-bed Collegeville prison opened July 9 and is a “state-of-the-art facility,” according to a write-up on the DOC website.

It features a non-denominational chapel, more than 30 classrooms for vocational and educational training, a barber shop, a law and a recreational library, a mural arts program and a gym.

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However, the incarcerated Comedian can take classes in custodial maintenance, carpentry, restaurant services and warehouse operations and even more importantly, attend sex-offender treatment — which he’s been ordered to undergo.

Comedian Bill Cosby prison
Bill Cosby aged 81, began his prison sentence recently

Disgraced entertainer Cosby is finding it tough in jail

And guess what, he can also hone his skills at the laundry center, garment factory or shoe factory. A vast array of choices in a cage, don’t you think?

“Obviously we’d be taking into account an inmate’s physical condition, their mental condition. But most people want to make a little bit of money,” Wordon said about Cosby working. “It’s totally up to him.”

You have to remember that according to Celebrity Networth, Bill Cosby is worth $400 million. But now he has to stick to the prison rules.

The prison also runs a tight ship. Breakfast is promptly at 7 a.m., lunch at 11 a.m. and dinner at 5 p.m.

It will still be a temporary place for him though. Cosby will be holed up at SCI Phoenix for the short term before he’s transferred to a state prison, determined by the DOC, to serve out his three- to 10-year sentence on sex assault charges.

The disgraced Entertainer who is aged 81 and claims to be legally blind, could finally up at SCI Laurel Highlands in Somerset, Pa., which is much further from his Philadelphia home, about 4 hours away.

The fact that Bill Cosby is in prison for the most hideous crimes, is a fact that will remain with us, his former adoring fans, as we freshly contemplate the depths of darkness the human mind is capable of, and the appealing masks that hide these horrors, and ultimately fools us all.

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