Shocking heights of 10 tallest actors in Hollywood movie history

Shocking heights of 10 tallest actors in Hollywood movie history

Its Remarkable how the tallest actors in Hollywood movie history have been able to use their height to appear in movie roles. Hollywood has been home to some real life giants, either acting as larger than life characters or regular guys in movies. 

Sometimes it’s been hard for some of these towering individuals to get the parts they want, due to their stature. But for some others, they were able to attain A list status, and even won awards for their performances. 
By doing so they’ve let us in on a little secret—being tall is not a talent. It’s a physical attribute. True, Hollywood will always need giants in its movies, and giants will always need Hollywood. It’s a love affair that’s been going on for decades, and will not end—ever. 
Although there are many actors with gigantic frames that worked in the past and many working today, I am going focus on the top 10 tallest actors in Hollywood movie history.

If you thought these guys are impressive onscreen, then wait till you see them up close in real life. That’s when you get a shocker as you realize how truly tall they are. 
Even in the era of incredible movie special effects where actors could be made to look as tall as trees or as little as dolls, these stars still make the cut—maybe even more than ever.
Back in 2011 Chris Evans starred in Captain America: The first Avenger. If you  have seen this movie you would recall that at a certain point, Chris who is actually 6 feet tall in real life,  was shrunken to a tiny man barely 5 feet tall by the use of special effects. And it looked really natural.
So why are giants still needed in films when special effects can always turn a regular actor into a towering hulk?  Well the answer is simple—nothing beats the real thing. When it comes to giants, nature still delivers the most realistic characters and the most believable scenes.
But as we watch these men as they entertain us, yes we should be thrilled by their impressive height, but we should also remember that they are not just massive feet and inches, they are also very talented and very brave individuals who have viewed the world from a very high place most of their adult lives. 
And if you think being different is easy in this world we live in, then imagine walking in their shoes—even for a day. 
Well without further ado,  let’s stand on the shoulders of giants. These are the tallest Hollywood actors in the world.
Check them out below:

T0p 10 tallest Hollywood actors ever

10. Liam Neeson—6′ 4.

Liam Neeson tallest actors

The Iconic Irish American actor is not really a giant,  but I bet you guys didn’t know he was one very tall fellow. If you observe closely in his movies, you would notice that he towers above most of his Co stars during scenes. Obviously concerned about how his height and other features affected him proffesionally at the beginning of his career, he once revealed that inspite of his love for acting, he didn’t want his children to follow in his footsteps because he wouldn’t want them to suffer the same kind of rejection he experienced during auditions, before he eventually became a huge star. 


9. Tyler Perry— 6’5.

Tyler Perry tallest actors

The celebrated actor, writer, producer and director, once told Men’s health how for a long time, he felt so uncomfortable with his height he would always slouch to hide it. Of course it didn’t work! The star who is currently one of the richest actors in the world today has an incredible rags to riches success story. And he was strong willed enough not to let his remarkable height get in the way of his dreams. 


8. Dolph Lundgren—6’5.

Dolph Lungren tallest actors

The veteran Hollywood actor was one of the stars Who used his impressive stature to gain the attention of movie producers. The Swedish American actor starred in his first film role, actually a bit part, when he was bodyguard to actress and model Grace Jones. And when she starred opposite Roger Moore in the James Bond Movie A View to a Kill, he was cast in a small part.  But that was enough for him to catch the attention of Sylvester Stallone who cast him in the role that would make him a star—As Russian Boxer Ivan Drago in Rocky 4.


7. Vince Vaughn—6’5.

Vince Vaughn tallest Hollywood actors

Unlike many giant actors, Vaughn’s height did not really hamper him from getting movie roles. Infact most people didn’t even know he was that tall until he was paired with 5’1  Reese Whinterspoon in the romantic comedy four Christmases. And that’s when people realized he was a giant. 


6. Tim Robbins—6’5.

Tallest actors Tom Robbins

Who said giants only have their height working for them? Meet Tim Robbins, the tallest actor to ever win an Oscar. The towering and talented actor won an Academy award for best supporting actor for his role in Mystic River. 


5. The Rock Dwayne Johnson—6’5.

Hollywood tallest actors The Rock Dwayne Johnson

The Rock isn’t just tall, he is huge!  I mean the man eats like 9 to 11 different meals daily. (Three breakfasts included) He is the most successful wrestler turned actor, and one of the most sought after actors in the world today. He still holds the Guinness book of world records for the highest amount ever paid to an actor for his first starring role. A whopping $5.5 million for his role in the Scorpion King. 


4. Fred Thompson—6’6.

Fred Thompson tallest Hollywood actors

 The former senator became a TV star after he joined the cast of Law and order for 116 episodes. Strangely, had he won, Thompson would have been the tallest President America ever had, after he went on a short Presidential Campaign afterwards.


3. James Cromwell—6’6.

Tallest actors James Cromwell

 The gigantic Cromwell is actually the  tallest Hollywood actor  ever  to be nominated for an Academy award. Although he didn’t win like his one inch shorter counterpart Tim Robbins, he still made history when he was nominated for his supporting actor role in Babe. 


2. Richard Kiel—7’1.5

Tallest Hollywood actors Richard Kiel

This giant was in movies for many years before he became famous when he appeared opposite Roger Moore in James Bond movies the  MoonRaker,  and as the cold blooded killer Jaws in The Spy who loved me, also starring Moore. But contrary to the bad guy roles he played for Hollywood, Kiel was known as the gentlest of men by those who knew him. 


1. Peter Mayhew—7’3.

Chewbacca actor Peter Mayhew tallest actors


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Video Clip of Hollywood’s tallest actors

Ever wondered what Chewbacca really looks like in real life?  Well here he is. When to hulking star went to audition for the role of Chewbacca, Star Wars creator George Lucas was blown away by his height and stature. Infact all Mayhew had to do was stand up—and he got the part.

While reading this, did you just feel like you were standing on the shoulders of giants? Well you were just introduced to 10 of the tallest actors in Hollywood movie history, and I know! It’s a breathtaking view. 

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