R. Kelly is guilty: ex girlfriend Kitti Jones slams singer

R. Kelly is guilty: ex girlfriend Kitti Jones slams singer

He is one of many Celebs currently in the middle of an escalating scandal. After a shocking meltdown during an interview on national TV,  R&B legend R.Kelly is getting deeper into hot water.

Guilty or not, the embattled singer isn’t getting a whole lot of support these days. Friends, and singers who collaborated with and supported R Kelly in the past, have cut him off, and his music has been pulled out of many sales and streaming services. As a result, his once impressive net worth has plummeted to an all time low.

As if things couldn’t get any worse, a former Dallas radio host who claims she was abused by the disgraced singer R. Kelly, has now spoken out about his explosive interview with Gayle King of CBS News.

Her name is Kitti Jones, and she said the interview caused her to relive the alleged nightmare she experienced for two years while in a romantic relationship with the star.

Her take on the relationship is quite ugly, to put it mildly:

“A lot of physical, emotional abuse… sexually things went on that I’d never done nor wanted to do — humiliating things,” she described.

Jones claims the interview brought back memories for her. She even broke down in tears watching Kelly rant and meltdown during his interview that sent even those aware of the ongoing investigations, into a state of shock, across the country.

She was glad that the public finally got to see the man she knew as manic and violent.

“I did cry yesterday. It was a hard time for me. I’ve never seen him take it up a notch like that in public for people so it screams desperation. I know his back is up against the wall because he lost everything,”

she said.

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A brief timeline of R.Kelly’s relationship with Kitti Jones

In 2011, Kitti Jones met Kelly at an after party during a Dallas concert stop. She was working as a radio host then. But she gave up her career to travel with him and perform during his shows.

Ironically, during his concerts, Jones was portrayed on stage as a woman chained and kept in a cage. Life mimicked art, according to Jones, who said life with the multi-platinum singer wasn’t much different off stage.

“He would slap and kick me. He would beat me, too,” she said.

But as bad as that was, it got worse. The physical abuse wasn’t the only punishment Kelly doled out, according to Jones. The singer allegedly denied her food as a form of discipline if she spoke to other people, especially other men.

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R. Kelly suffered shocking meltdown during interview with Gayle King

“Talking to people that I wasn’t supposed to talk to… or maybe wearing an outfit I wasn’t supposed to wear… getting my nails and toes done. You can’t have a guy working on your manicure or pedicure,” said Jones of behavior that allegedly set Kelly off.

The relationship finally ended in 2013 after a particularly bad incident. Jones alleges that Kelly choked her on a tour bus in Dallas, after which she broke up with him.

An expiration of a statute of limitations and the fact that she was an adult during this time, prevented Jones from successfully filing charges recently.

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