Quincy Jones shading Taylor Swift: why he may be right

Quincy Jones shading Taylor Swift: why he may be right

Judging by how veteran music producer Quincy Jones shades Taylor Swift in this interview, it is clear he isn’t impressed with the popular singer. The fact that they are from different eras of music and entertainment, didn’t stop Mr. Jones from pointing out in a recent interview that good music is good music, no matter the era.


But it sure looks like he is asking for some bad blood with the talented singer Taylor Swift. And we all know how Taylor loves a good feud. She’s had quite a few dramatic ones recently.

When he was asked about Swift’s songwriting capabilities he was clearly not impressed by her reputation as one of the best songwriters working in the world today. You have to remember that the famed producer has worked with some of the greatest artistes in music history. And I’m not kidding about that.

Songwriting genius: Quincy Jones or Taylor Swift

Quincy Jones is a veteran of the entertainment industry and a force to reckon with by any standards and in any era. He is one of history’s greatest record producers, songwriters, music  composers and arrangers. And some of his numerous accolades speak for themselves. 
Mr.  Jones has been nominated for a Grammy award, a whopping 80 times! Which is a record.  And he has won a total of 29 Grammy awards.
He is the man who has worked with some of the most legendary singers and music industry icons. Let me show you just a little bit of some of this giants he has worked with. And such awe inspiring names they are. I mean what do you make of icons such as Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson and Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, Eddie Van Halen,   Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr,  Rod Temperton,  Aliyah, Tevin Campbell, James Ingram and many, many more!
Now that is a hard act to follow.
Singer songwriter Quincy Jones shades Taylor Swift

 That’s some heavy stuff!  So it would be tough to argue when such an authority has some choice things to say about pop superstar Taylor Swift in his recent GQ interview.

During the session, When he asked about Swift by interviewer Chris Heath, Jones reportedly made a face, which was looked like it was “somewhere between disapproval and disdain,” and then in typical outspoken fashion,  he stated.
“We need more songs, man.(expletive) songs, not hooks.”
But when Heath informed Jones that “some people consider her the greatest songwriter of our age,” The producer had himself a good laugh right there, and commented cryptically:  “Whatever crumbles your cookie.”
Ever the sly interviewer, Heath dug in even deeper and asked Jones what he would do if he was producing a record for Swift, with Jones replying, “I’ll figure something out. Man.”
He then went on to explain some technical aspects of songwriting and singers, revealing how a song’s quality and a singer’s abilities are interchangeable as the main factor  that can make or break a hit. 
” A great song can make the worst singer in the world a star. A bad song can’t be saved by the three best singers in the world. I learned that 50 years ago.”
And we better listen to him. After over six decades in the business, and working with so many great stars, it’s not hard to believe what he says when it has to do with music.
Excellence has always been his way of seeing work and results.  He has inspired and been inspired by like minded geniuses in entertainment for so many productive years.
I mean, when you have successfully worked with so many giants,  creating and producing timeless works, then you must be a giant yourself. Every body knows quality when they see or hear it.  It’s just that these days a lot of mediocrity has really seeped into our perception of excellence. Sad but true.
Jones, who is notorious for being blunt and opinionated, admitted earlier in the interview that he “always gets in trouble” for talking too much. His own beloved daughter even nicknamed him LL QJ (Loose Lips Quincy Jones). Cute! 
Best songwriters Quincy Jones shades Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is not going to be happy with what Quincy said about her songwriting abilities. But hey!  As long as there are a throng of fans going crazy over her sound, who cares about one industry insider’s  opinion right?  Even if he’s an authority in the field of creating music. Taylor might take it quite lightly and keep on doing her thing the way she’s been doing it,  or she may grow secretly bothered and up her game, and live up to that incredible potential we all know she has 

Jones may just have stirred the hornet’s nest. 

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