10 most influential fashion celebrities in the world

10 most influential fashion celebrities in the world

The most influential fashion celebrities this year are absolute power houses of style! The names on this list changes very easily year by year, due to the intense level of competition and excellence amongst the stars. But even some who have been a Staple on previous year’s list,  are curiously missing this year.

It appears no celeb can make the fashion top 10 their home, for any considerable length of time.

First of all,  before we delve into this year’s top style icons, let’s recap on some of the usual suspects from previous years.  Like Duchess of Cambridge: Kate Middleton, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and perennial fashion Queen, Rihanna.

The singer shone bright like diamonds, and it seemed anything she touched turned to gold. Riri’s impressive fashion and style last year, set the trend for most clothing buyers worldwide. This is according to fashion search platform Lyst. 

Singer Rihanna outfits

The girl was on fire and the flames never went out for the whole year.  She dazzled in outfits that got the world talking—outfits that made people want to dress that way.

Her consistent excellence paid off. Now the 31 year-old singer, actress and make-up entrepreneur was officially named the most powerful celebrity influencer of the year. All  thanks to her gorgeous style which drove huge sales for fashion brands.
It’s not just what she wore that did the trick, it’s how she wore it. Throughout the year Rihanna donned designs by Molly Goddard, Gucci, Saint Laurent and even Puma . And in turn, all of these brands have been snapped up by her frenzied fans. The clothes flew off shelved once she was spotted wearing them. 
According to data analysis, out of 100 million searches by 80million shoppers worldwide on Lyst’s search, Rihanna’s outfits have caused the most sensation amongst buyers. Her outfits have sparked the most frenzy amongst shoppers.
Her golden touch even extended to her own designer eyewear. It is now clear that anything the beautiful singer wears, people want to wear it too. 
Her influence a couple of years ago was so great, she  put the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton(a fashion goddess herself) and a bunch of other great style icons in the shade. 
most influential fashion celebrities

In fact, the stylish Duchess only just made it  into Lyst’s top five most influential fashion celebrities behind Rihanna, and other stars. Surprisingly her new royal rival, Meghan Markle also made the list last year.  

 Lyst’s end-of-year fashion report, listed  the most influential stars. The decider is based on huge spikes in demand in the hours after a particular item is worn by a particular Celebrity.
Last year Rihanna was also the fashion queen of social media since she donned some of Instagram’s most popular items of the year as well. 
Back in April while attending Coachella,  the ‘Work’ hitmaker turned heads when she showed up wearing a crystal-embellished Gucci bodysuit and vest that was inked with a the memorable phrase. 
More recently,The stunning Barbadian beauty favoured a pair of Gucci’s luxe crystal socks. And yes in case you ever want to buy those,  that retail for £885!
But like everything that trends and thrills and wows! Change is usually regular and often dramatic. This year the change in fashion and style celebs took a major turn.  Not only has Rihanna been dethroned, she has been pushed out of the top 10. The entertainer now finds herself in the bottom half of the top 20!
It’s even a bit of a shock how the tables turned and former style icons shifted positions on the list in the most unexpected way. 
Now Without further Ado, let us meet the top 10 most influencial fashion celebrities in the world this year. Here they are:

Most influential fashion celebrities 2019

10. Billy Porter

9. Harry Styles

8.  Lizzo

7. Kylie Jenner 
most influential fashion celebrities
6. Lisa from Blackpink

5. Cardi B

Most influential fashion celebrities


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4. Billy Eilish

Most influential fashion celebrities



3.  Zendaya

Most influential fashion celebrities


2. Timothee Chalamet


1. Meghan Markle

Most influential fashion celebrities

Yes our beloved Riri no longer features on the list’s top 10 spots, although her influence on brands is still a force to reckon with. These days, with her newly acquired curves the gorgeous singer tends to look even hotter in her outfits. She has released collections with Top designers Puma and Dior, and has often been spotted wearing her own designs which have also become sell-outs.
After its release, One of her popular designs; the Fenty x Puma bow trainer became  the most-wanted it-trainer of the year. Lyst reports that one person searched for the sellout shoe every few seconds!
The number one spot goes of course to the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle. She is the only member of the British  royal family to make it into the list and the snagged the top spot.
With no signs of slowing down, these 10  most influential fashion celebrities continues to dazzle the world of style  with their very own unique and breathtaking Celebrity sense of style. And we are yearning for more.  

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