Michael Jackson sedatives shocker: How Lisa Marie Presley tried to stop doctors

Michael Jackson sedatives shocker: How Lisa Marie Presley tried to stop doctors

Michael Jackson’s sedative addiction began years before his death. And now It has emerged that an angry Lisa Marie Presley confronted anaesthetist doctor Neil Ratner who introduced Michael Jackson to sedatives years before his death. saying: “Doctors killed my father, and I won’t let them kill my husband.”

The beautiful daughter of Elvis  was married to Michael Jackson for two years from 1994 to 1996, confronted and challenged Dr Neil Ratner in 1995, saying she didn’t want the same fate for Michael her husband that befell her dad Elvis.

The King Elvis died Tragically of a heart attack in 1977, at the age of just 42. His body succumbed finally after years of mega prescription drug abuse.

Recounting his confrontation with Lisa Marie Presley in his explosive new book, Ratner reveals how she in a way predicted Jackson’s death from powerful sedative Propofol in her “chilling” intervention.

Ratner and Marie met in December 1995. This was shortly after he was called in to help Jackson at a hospital were he was being treated after he collapsed at rehearsals from dehydration and low blood pressure.

According to Ratner,  he says: “Lisa Marie didn’t stay long. As she came out of Michael’s room, she walked over to me and asked if we could speak.

“She came right to the point. ‘I don’t know who you are but I don’t like so many doctors around Michael’. Before I could respond, she got right in my face. ‘I don’t like doctors, doctors killed my father, and I won’t let them kill my husband’.”

Michael Jackson propofol overdose
Michael Jackson died from a lethal dose of Propofol in 2009
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Between 1976 and 1977, Elvis’s personal doctor, George Nichopoulos, infamously prescribed more than 10,000 doses of sedatives, stimulants and narcotics to him! This quantity,  ingested just in the final eight months of his life.

Nichopoulos was stripped of his medical licence after Elvis’s death and died himself in 2016.

Michael Jackson’s death from Propofol overdose

Ratner, Who was Jackson’s on-off tour doctor and close friend for eight years, now freely admits he was the first doctor to ever give him hospital anaesthetic Propofol for his insomnia. It was part of the drug combination which would later kill him almost 14 years later.

Michael Jackson died in his home In 2009, aged 50, after being given a lethal dose by another private medic, Conrad Murray. Following his death, Murray was sentenced to 2 years in Prison for involuntary manslaughter.

When asked why he thinks Jackson and Marie split, Ratner says the pair were truly fond of each other,  but it was most likely Jackson’s drug use that led to his break-up with Lisa Marie.

And regarding the recent Leaving Neverland scandal,  Ratner says he doesn’t see it,  he would have known if it were true. That was nothing like the Jackson he knew.

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