Kylie Jenner plastic surgery: star claims its all hair and makeup

Kylie Jenner plastic surgery: star claims its all hair and makeup

Did Kylie Jenner have plastic surgery? The reality star is probably one of the world’s most beautiful women. But there are many who believe that Kylie is a cosmetically enhanced, walking mannequin, with unwavering claims to natural beauty. But let’s hear her own side of the story…again.

Kylie Jenner make up

Kylie Jenner swears she’s never had plastic surgery – despite all that speculation.

The lip kit mogul insists that her changing looks are simply down to “good hair and make-up” … and a touch of fillers.

 Posing for the cover of Paper magazine’s 2019 Transformation issue, the 21-year-old looks incredible in a variety of different looks.

But when quizzed about her own transformation, she insisted she’s never gone under a surgeon’s knife.

Kylie, who shares daughter Stormi with rapper boyfriend Travis Scott, told the mag: “People think I fully went under the knife and completely reconstructed my face, which is completely false.

“I’m terrified! I would never. They don’t understand what good hair and makeup and, like, fillers, can really do.”

And when her interviewer pressed Kylie, asking how much make-up could really change someone’s face, she added: “It’s fillers. I’m not denying that.”

A brief look at Kylie Jenner before and after

Kylie, who has changed dramatically since Keeping Up With The Kardashians began when she was just 10 years old, initially denied she’d had fillers and simply said her enhanced pout was down to clever lip liner placement.

Kylie Jenner's plastic surgery history
21 Year old Kylie Jenner claims hers is a natural beauty

She was even seen on the show venting her frustration about being constantly asked about her lips in interviews and on red carpets.

Well you heard her folks: All it takes is good hair and great makeup to turn you into a sculpted beauty. But really, If you can believe that, you’ll probably believe anything.

Source: Mirror UK

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