How rich is Adele? Singer Adele’s Net worth revealed

How rich is Adele? Singer Adele’s Net worth revealed
How rich is Adele?  And what is her place on the list of richest female celebrities in the world?  I can tell you that she has come a long way since she emerged as a teenage singing sensation on Myspace. Singer Adele’s Net worth shows some Pretty impressive numbers.
A captivating singer with a sensational voice,  the songstress is one of the world’s most sought after entertainers.
Her popularity with fans is quite something to see, with many traveling far distances across continents, just to see her perform live.
And they are never disappointed. To watch Adele’s live concerts is a treat worthy of Kings!
Before I go any further, I have to consider the fact, that as popular as she is,  not every music fan knows her the way some of us do. So let me introduce you to her a little bit at least.
Singer Adele's Networth

Outstanding  English singer songwriter  Adele who has won a staggering 15 Grammy awards in her relatively short career. In what is almost a fairytale career, this songstress came to the public’s attention for the first time when a friend of hers submitted her demo to Myspace. All I can say is Thank God her friend did that, for that action brought this singing sensation into our lives. 

She instantly got signed up by XL recordings in the very same year her demo was submitted: this was in 2006. 
It didn’t take anytime before her incredible singing snagged her her first musical award. And it was the Brit awards critics choice awards in 2007.
In 2008, a 20 year old Adele released her first ever Album titled  ’19’. It was an unstoppable force of great music that showed what a superstar the young and talented Brit tuly is. Critically an commercially successful, the album sold seven million copies in the UK and three million copies in the US. Apart from other sales worldwide, she sold about 10 million copies total from these two countries alone. Not bad for a first album!
Her already skyrocketing career got an even bigger boost by her appearance on Saturday night live on the same year her album was released. The following her, Adele was truly Crowned for her efforts,  when she received two awards at the 51st Grammy awards ceremony in 2009. Best female pop vocal performance and the best new Artiste Awards went to the 21 year old star. 
In just a short time Adele had become one of the most popular female singers  in the world. And her concerts and tours had become sold out events as her fanbase grew fast. 
Adele world's richest celebrities

In 2011 Adele released ’21’, her second studio album. It was a mega success surpassing even that of her second album.  It gained her even more awards including a record six Grammy awards(including album of the year) ,numerous listings in the Guinness book of world records, and many more accolades. It was a critical and commercial successes, and sold 31 million records worldwide. 

During this time her Adele’s Net worth was on a steady and astronomical rise. 
When she co-wrote and released Skyfall in 2012, the motion picture soundtrack for the  Daniel Craig James Bond movies by the same name,  it won an Academy award, a Grammy Award as well as a Golden Globe award. 
In 2015 Adele released her 3rd studio album 25. It won the star five more Grammy awards and her song Hello from the same album smashed previous records to become the first song in history to sell one million digital downloads in a single week of release.
A true megastar. At 31 years of age Adele has shone more brightly than her predecessors in an industry where competition is so tough even the best find it hard to achieve success.
Adele’s current Net worth as of  2019 stands at a staggering $190 million and counting. Back in 2016 her Adele live tour raked in $150 million and attended by almost 2 million people. 2016 saw a $80.5 million annual earnings for the talented artiste. 
Singer songwriter Adele Networth
Billboard named her 2012 Artiste of the year and Time listed her in 2012 and 2016 lists of the  world’s most influential people.
Apart from being one of the world’s most popular celebrities, she is also one of the highest selling artistes ever, with a mind blowing record sales of over 100 million copies.  All this was achieved in less than a decade of music excellence. 
Keep shining Adele. We are glad you graced us with your amazing presence and incredible talent. 

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