How Michael Jackson’s superbowl halftime show made others suck

How Michael Jackson’s superbowl halftime show made others suck
Michael Jackson For decades now, MJ has been hailed as the “Real King Of Pop” and the true master of the Game. For so many reasons, this one in a billion entertainment genius has been called the greatest showman of all time.

 Historically, Michael Jackson’s superbowl halftime show is by far the best in the event’s history. We were all reminded of this, after Maroon 5 left everybody shocked by their own unremarkable performance.

Michael Jackson’s Superbowl halftime show was brought back to vivid memory after his family shared footage of his incredible 1993 show.

After Maroon 5’s  disappointing show,  the famous Jackson family took to Twitter to post the footage of their late star’s epic performance in 1993 . The post was shared amid the controversy surrounding a newly released documentary; a film that has greatly threatened the late entertainment icon’s legacy.

They captioned the shared clip: “Flashback to 1993 when @ michaeljackson rocked the stage at the # SuperBowl XXVII halftime show.”

In the clip, fireworks are set off as Michael performed his dramatic dance moves to screaming and adoring crowd.

One of the most memorable parts of his performance was his entrance. Jackson shot out from beneath the stage like a rocket as he was propelled several feet into the air before landing beautifully on his feet. He then proceeded to stand quite still like a mannequin for well over three minutes. The crowd went berserk with excitement.

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Without much debate, Fans rightfully dubbed it the best Superbowl half time shows of all time.

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“The King,” one said.

And another said:

“I can’t agree with you more! There will NEVER be another MJ!”

“Easily the best Superbowl halftime shows of all time,” one suggested.
Another fan posted:
“That was Superbowl history. I will play that in a little while. Michael Joseph Jackson is and ALWAYS! will be my HERO! The HELL! with what haters say about him. He was the KING! and ONLY KING of pop.”

Top 5 Michael Jackson live performances

  1. The Way You Make Me Feel” and “Man in the Mirror” . 1988 Grammy Awards. It was  called “the greatest awards show performance of all time.”
  2. “Black or White” in Munich in 1997.
  3. 1995 MTV Music Video Awards
  4. 1993 Super Bowl halftime performance . This electrifying performance is still considered one of the most watched television events in history. 
  5. “Billie Jean” 1983 during the Motown 25th, “Yesterday, today and forever” This iconic performance was the first time the world saw the  moonwalk.
While one commented: “They sure dont make halftime performances like this anymore”
Another added: “AND nobody puts on a halftime show like a Jackson…”
Although Michael Jackson was acquitted at a very public trial in 2005 of seven charges of child molestation, the scandalous Michael Jackson Leaving Neverland Documentary which features interviews with two men who allegedly claim they were repeatedly abused by the singer over a number of years, is threatening to put more than a dent in a legacy that has survived a flood of never ending controversy.
Source photos: Mirror UK,Reuters.

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