10 highest paid tennis players in the world

10 highest paid tennis players in the world

Tennis is one of the toughest and most lucrative sports in the world. And the players that compete in it, are by far some of the highest earning athletes on earth.

highest paid tennis players in the world

It’s a game notorious for it’s difficulty level, and the uphill task it poses for those striving to excel in it. Clearly not for the lazy or the faint hearted, those who get to the top of the sport,  are usually generously compensated on their way to becoming the highest paid tennis players in the world.

The tour organizers roll out millions of dollars annually for the players in the circuit. The prize money attached to these competitions and championship slams, usually run in the millions, with the winners and runner’s up taking the biggest cut.

The gruelling games,  and the grinding schedules demand the dedication and undivided attention of the men and women make a career out of the sport.

2019  season is all but over,  and the memories of this gut wrenching season are still fresh, while the coming season is hotly anticipated.

With plenty of upsets and suprises, the  tennis grand slams  made sports headlines for the sheer depth and breath taking display of tennis being played.

Plenty of money has already been dolled out to the top contenders in the male (ATP) and female (WTA) categories in the 2019 tennis season.

With some high profile injuries and shocking scandals making the rounds amongst the top players, this year’s season will be one that will not be easily forgotten.

Top 10 highest earning tennis players in the world in 2019.

10. Sloane Stephens : $9.6 million

The 26 year old American Sloane Stephens was the 2017 U.S. Open champion. The Florida native has inked a mega deal with Nike as well as other sporting brands. She is ranked world number.. And has 6 WTA titles to her name. Her total endorsement earnings are $5.5 million,  while her total Prize money is $4.1 million.


9. Simona Halep: $10.2 million.

Strangely, Halep won only one title this season, but the thrilling thing is that it was one Wimbledon! That major win guaranteed Haley a $3 million earning. She has won a total of 2 Grand slams so far and looking strong for next year’s honours too. Her $6.2 million tennis winnings and $4 million in deals was impressive.

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8. Angelique Kerber : $11.3 million

Win a Grand slam and the endorsements start rolling in. German star Kerber gained highly lucrative deals from companies like Adidas, Generali, SAP, Porsche, Proctor and gamble and many more after she won the 2018 Wimbledon slam title. She is the current world number 2, and her 2019 Prize money earnings stand at $5.3 million,  and $6 million in endorsements.


7. Alexander Zverev : $11.8 million

The 23-year-old talented German player is a rising fast on the ATP Tour. He has already acquired a total 11 career titles. These wins include the 2018 year-end ATP Finals. For winning the tournament, Zverev earned prize money of $2.5 million. His sports endorsement deals with Adidas, French car manufacturer Peugeot, Richard Mille and more, ensured that he earned $5.5 million in endorsements, in addition to $6.3 million in total Prize money.


6. Naomi Osaka: $24.3 million

Naomi Osaka had a very lucrative season. But it appears she will see her endorsement earnings rise even higher, by next season. This is as a result of her having signed a series of deals since she won her 2018 U.S. Open Grand slam. Some of the mouth watering deals are with the likes of sporting goods giant Nike. The deal will earn Osaka an estimated $10 million annually. This season however, she earned $8.3 million in Prize money and $16 million in endorsements.


5. Serena Williams: $29.2 million total earnings.

Highest paid tennis players in the world 2016

After taking time off to have her first baby and get married, former world number one Serena Williams is 5th on our list of highest paid tennis players in the world now.

The formidable multiple grand slam winner Williams is the most consistent performer in the women’s game.

She has won almost $88 million overall prize money in her illustrious career. Her prize money this season was $4.2 million. She made $25 million from endorsements.


4. Rafael Nadal: $35 million total earnings.

Rafael Nadal highest paid tennis players in the world

The talented Spaniard and current world number one,  who has given us some of the most edge of your seat tennis matches ever, is the 4th on our list. Many still consider him the best ever player to grace the tennis circuit.

Rafael Nadal had an incredible
season last year and has reclaimed the number one spot from Roger Federer heading into the clay court season. This season he snatched the year end number one ranking from Novak Djokovic.

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Nadal commands seven figure appearance fees, and his deals with the likes of Nike, Richard Miller,  and Kia motors, has endured that he earned $26 million in endorsement earnings and he also earned $9 million in prize money.
He is still one of the wealthiest tennis players in the world.


3. Kei Nishikori: $37.3 million.
He is the first and only Japanese tennis player to be ranked in the top 10 tennis ranking.
Kei Nishikori is also ranked number 8 on the list of most marketable athletes in the world and he earned an impressive $4.3 million in tennis prize money and raked in $33 million in endorsements.

2. Novak Djokovic:$50.6 million total earnings.

10 highest paid tennis players in the world

Despite his inexplicable deep in form last season,  recently, the Tough Serbian player and world number 2 Novak Djokovic exploded in an outstanding resurgence this season.  By  winning the Australian Open and the Wimbledon titles,  it means that the highly skilled Serb has won 4 out of the last 5 Grand slam titles. He is undoubtedly one of  the best tennis player in the world in the last 4 years.
Forbes magazine reported that Djokovic has earned over $90 million in a prize money since 2011.

Endorsement earnings $30 million.

Prize money $20.6 million.


1. Roger Federer: $93. 4 million total earnings.

Roger Federer Highest paid tennis player in the world

The greatest Tennis player in history.
With a hard fought and hard earned record 21 grand Slam titles, the 38 year old swiss maestro is the ultimate tennis icon.
Currently ranked number 3 in the world. Roger Federer has earned a record $123 million in all time prize money in his remarkable career.

His huge endorsement contracts with Japanese brand Uniqlo as well as his deals with Rimowa, Mercedes Benz, Rolex, Credit Suisse, and more, have helped cement Federer as number one of the highest paid tennis players in the world today. His Endorsement earnings come in at an impressive $86 million,  while his prize money total was $7.4 million.

His endorsement deals with the likes of Nike, Mercedes and Rolex have contributed in helping him top the list of highest paid tennis players in the world in 2019.

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