10 highest grossing R rated movies ever made

10 highest grossing R rated movies ever made

Not to beat about the bush,  I’m going to show you the 10 highest grossing R rated movies in history.

Incase you haven’t guessed, an R rated movie is simply a film that has been assigned a restricted rating.  Meaning not suitable for all ages. Meaning; Viewing it’s  content may not be ideal for certain age groups.

Teenagers having a conversation:

“Come on fellows let’s go see that new movie.”

“Great let’s do it.”

“But it’s an R rated
film though.”

“That’s so cool!”

Curious little rascals!

For years now, this rating has sometimes spelt doom for movies that fall into that category, especially when marketing isn’t done right.

As a matter of fact, since the start of the R rating in the 1980s, it’s been a more limited stamp on a film’s box office prospects. But today I’m going to show you the 10 highest grossing R rated movies ever made.  And I must admit,  that some of them are such masterpieces of entertainment.

Recognize the character above? Red and black spandex, Criss- crossed ninja swords, and words that could cause, Eminem to gasp in shock?

Unfortunately, not all movies of this calibre enjoy box office glory.

Let me explain the way this works. There’s a much lower box office ceiling
on R-rated movies than there is for those of the PG-13 films.
Not surprisingly, because of this, Hollywood doesn’t usually back
R-rated projects with the normally huge budgets that accompany
the PG-13 ventures.

But the great news is that
some very special R-rated films still manage to break out in a big way,
smashing the box office, and even out-performing many PG-13s, regardless
of budget. They prove that the fans are still king, as they manage to
strike a chord with audiences. That in turn spurs repeat business, and
strong word of mouth. They build powerful trends, and in many cases a
cult following results, triggering a franchise.  Welcome to show business!
One recent film that turned out to be an apt example of the above description is the superhero movie Deadpool. This surprise blockbuster now stands as the first R-rated superhero movie programmed against the
glut of Marvel Cinematic Universe and DC Cinematic Universe efforts,
which regularly aim to cross the $1 billion mark.
No pun, Deadpool’s success caught everyone by surprise, going on to gross over $780 millionworldwide. It was a success story, full stop, but it’s far from the only R-rated success story.No way. Since the rating system began,  there have been a few other show stoppers to emerge from the dens of the restricted viewing films over the years.
You are probably familiar with some of the name on this list. Below. Like I said earlier, some of them are evergreen classics that will remain in cinema history glory for years to come.

Highest earning R rated movies in history

We’ve assembled a list of the top 10 highest earning R-rated movies in
history. Each have been ranked according to  their domestic box office.
It’s a neat overview of the kinds of films that really hit big with audiences, and the diversity of content here is a testament to how hard it is to make an R-rated movie that makes huge amounts of money.
Lets begin with number ten shall we!
10.  Logan. 2017. Domestic: $226,277,068
        Worldwide: $619,021,436
9.  The Exorcist. 1973.  Domestic: $232,906,145
Worldwide: $441,306,145
highest earning hollywood movies
These are the 10 highest grossing R rated Hollywood movies ever
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8. Beverly Hills Cop. 1984. Domestic: $234,760,478
     Worldwide $316,360,478

7. The Hangover 2. 2011. Domestic Total: $254,464,305
Worldwide Total: $586,764,305
6.  The Hangover. 2009. Domestic: $277,322,503
Worldwide: $467,483,912
5.  The Martix Reloaded. 2003. Domestic gross: $281,576,461
Worldwide gross: $742,128,461


top grossing hollywood movies
These top R rated movies are surprise box office hits

4.   It. 2017. Domestic Total: $327,481,748
Worldwide Total: $700,381,748

3.  American Sniper. 2014. Domestic Total: $350,126,372
Worldwide Total: $547,426,372
2. Deadpool. 2016. Domestic gross: $363,070,709
Worldwide gross: $783,112,979

1. The Passion of the Christ. 2004. Domestic Total: $370,782,930

Worldwide Total:    $611,899,420

Last year’s biggest R rated box office movies(video)

Of course there are more than 10 Hollywood movies to make the cut but the top 10 are the king of of the pack.
The number one on the list,  the Passion of the Christ by Mel Gibson,  is one particularly gruesome number. But a brilliant film nonetheless.

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