Did Michael Jackson die 2 years before his death was reported?

Did Michael Jackson die 2 years before his death was reported?

Michael Jackson died two years earlier than was reported. And the person the public saw afterwards, was an impersonator. At least that’s what conspiracy theorists are suggesting.

However, Its no secret that the King of pop kept a low profile after being acquitted of child abuse in 2005. He shied away from public life, retreating to Bahrain and living life mostly out of sight.

Suddenly he sprung back onto the scene, beginning with what was, even for him, one of the most bizarre press conference ever.

On March 5, 2009, he appeared before the press, all fired up and ready to rule the music world again.

Michael Jackson’s This is it world tour

It was right then that Michael announced his plans for an epic 50-date world tour, which was due to kick off just four months later. 50!

Billed as “This Is It” The magical tour never came to be. Jackson died from a painkiller overdose shortly before the mega tour even kicked off.

But eagle minded fans are convinced he actually died two years prior to that fateful day in 2009. Allegedly, it was an impersonator that was rolled out at the O2 press conference to promote his London dates.

But what is the evidence of this?

Eagle-eyed viewers claimed the Jackson that showed up that day was too tall and had fingers that looked much stumpier than the actual Michael.

In addition, they pointed out that the man’s loping walk wasn’t the same as the King Of Pop’s.

But the most extreme theory is  that he’d actually been found dead at his Neverland ranch two years earlier and had been played by look-a-like impersonators since.

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5 Things you didn’t know about King of pop Michael Jackson

  1. Michael Jackson’s last ever studio album release “Invincible” was still the highest-selling album of 2001, despite paling in comparison to his earlier album sales.
  2. His groundbreaking Thriller Album ‘ won a record eight Grammy Awards.
  3. Michael’s hit album  ‘Off The Wall’ was originally written for Karen Carpenter’s first solo album.It was a perfect fit for him.
  4. Incredible but true: Five days before its release, three men armed and desperate, broke into a Los Angeles music warehouse and stole an astonishing 30,000 copies of ‘Dangerous’ Michael Jackson mega selling 1991 album.
  5. His late 90s album Blood on the Dance Floor: HIStory in the Mix’, retains the record of best-selling remix album of all time till today. It sold over six million copies globally.
How King of pop Michael Jackson died
Michael Jackson died from painkiller overdose in 2009

During his life, due to his gargantuan fame, Michael Jackson was known to use body doubles to throw off the ever present crowds that seemed to shadow him his entire public life.

During his numerous trips around the world, fan hysteria was always incredible to see. The very glimpse of him could send thousands of people into a frenzy. It’s impossible to see any other celebrity inspire that kind of reaction in people. To say that Michael had a powerful aura is an understatement.

Unfortunately, this immense kind of attention and adoration immensely affected his life and privacy.

That was certainly one of the downsides of being the world’s most popular man.

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