Classic movie review: Taxi Driver starring Robert De Niro

Classic movie review: Taxi Driver starring Robert De Niro
Have you ever seen Taxi driver by Robert De Niro?
What happens when you throw in one of the world’s best directors with some of the most talented actors on the planet? Dynamite! Especially when you have them  working with a brilliant screenplay. What you get,  is the stuff made of legends.
And that’s exactly what 1976 movie Taxi Driver turned out to be.
With regards to the cast,  it skyrocketed the careers of all its leads and the movie rooted itself firmly in pop culture forever.

I bet some you are wondering Taxi Driver?  Or do I mean Taxi? No. I don’t mean the 2004 movie starring Jimmy Fallon and Queen Latifa. A nice but strangely forgettable movie.

A lot of movie fans of this generation may not have heard of this stunning and powerful film, (It was released way before Facebook and Twitter)
but trust me, it is one the movies you have to see before you die. After you
get old that is. I’m not trying to hex your destiny. Ha!

Strangely, this great film came out at the time when Robert De Niro was not even famous, and the leading lady Cybill shepherd had never even heard of the TV hit Moonlighting,  which eventually made her a household name. And legendary director Martin Scorsese
was only known as a talented, up and comer with a good directorial eye.

Funnily, It didn’t make one bit of difference. All the ingredients were right, and all the players were loaded with talent and underlying star power. Result;  the film was a mega critical and commercial success.
Taxi driver Stars Robert De Niro, Cybill Shepherd, Jodie Foster and Harvey Keitel. The film is the thought provoking story of a Vietnam Vet Travis
Bickle and his scary slide into Sociopathic Psychosis.
This was the movie that brought on a strong wave of interest in this group of relatively unknown actors and director, and remains so to this day.

Official Trailer for movie Taxi driver starring Robert De Niro

Taxi driver didn’t just make the question “You talking to me?” (Ominously uttered by a quietly depraved De Niro about to blow someone’s head off) famous, It became an Iconic movie with a cult following. It comfortably
fell in with likes of Marlon Brando’s Apocalypse Now, Clint Eastwood’s Dirty
Harry, and  even Al Pacino’s Scarface. And it’s sits up there with these iconic heavyweights as a well deserving inclusion.
Forget the fact that this piece of entertainment was made
decades ago, before YouTuBe and Instagram. It is a collector’s item. A movie to see, see again, and keep with you to see again as the years go by.
Its terrific performances, revolutionary editing and typically amazing directing by Scorcese are only part of what Makes this 70’s Hollywood movie  great. The whole package of excellence simply
makes it a masterpiece of cinema for any era actually.
I have to confess,  I have seen this movie at least 13 – 15 times. I’m not kidding. And everytime I see it,  it kind of strikes a cord deep within me.
It’s truly as gripping as the critics claim,  and hypnotically entertaining as the reviews say.
Personally it ranks amongst my top 20 greatest movies of all time. You don’t have to do the same. I mean,  it certainly may not be your own Own of tea,  but why don’t you try watch it and judge for yourself.
If you happen to be a De Niro fan(like many of us are)  and you haven’t seen this film,  then you are selling yourself short.  Make it a point to watch it so you can truly appreciate the powerful screen presence of this man.
This is without a doubt an intriguing film that brings to mind the troubling realization that they don’t make movies like this anymore. Simple, yet powerful films that touche the soul, inspire the mind and remain in the heart forever.

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