10 best songs by Katy Perry Queen of pop

10 best songs by Katy Perry Queen of pop
Today she has amassed a great number of mega hit albums and singles, but which of these are the best songs by Katy Perry?
Top selling female singer Perry is on fire, and we’ve been hearing the talented artiste roar great music hits for almost a decade now. Creative, consistent and hardworking, Perry is always on top of her game.

Goodness knows how tough the competition can be in the music industry.  But this has not stopped this prolific songstress, as she makes her unforgettable mark in music history. 

Not bad for an entertainer who was dropped by two major record labels at the beginning of her career. And then went on to become one of the world’s highest selling singers. I bet those record labels must be feeling pretty silly right now!

Single handedly,  this exceptional American singer/songwriter and recording artiste has shrugged off a sluggish start to her music career to emerge as one of the top entertainment gems of this era. 

Despite fierce and considerable competition from some major artistes in her genre, Perry still soars.

Today I’m going to show you the top 10 best songs by Katy Perry ever(so far anyway). And what an amazing list it is!
At the age of 34, The super talented Perry has broken more records and won more accolades and acclaim in a decade than most top singing stars have done in a lifetime.
10 best songs by Katy Perry

But when I said Katy had an uncertain and shaky start, I meant every word. Originally named Kathryn Elizabeth Hudson, she kicked of her career as a teenager and a gospel singer. Can you believe that?  It has been said many times that some of the greatest singers the world has ever seen,  had roots in gospel music. The likes of Whitney Houston, R Kelly and even The King, Elvis Presley had strong singing backgrounds in gospel music and some of them  even continued to dabble in it throughout their careers. And Katy was no exception.

Before she became one of the world’s leading female singing sensations, the record breaking star released her first album back in 2001 under her actual name. She was then signed to Red Hill Records. The gospel album was titled Katy Hudson,  and guess what? It was a commercial failure. At the time of its release, she was in her teens and the album failed to chart anywhere. Unbelievable stuff, for a singer who seems to live permanently on several charts nowadays.
But after the failure of her first effort, , and the folding up of Red Hill the following year, She had had enough and decided to try something else—somewhere else. She moved to Los Angeles in 2002 to pursue secular music. She changed her name then to Katy Perry and made her move. But still she hit a major snag en route to glory. She was dropped by two major record labels who obviously and erroneously didn’t see the big deal in the budding artiste. The labels who let her go are The Island Def Jam group and Columbia records. She eventually  signed with capital records in 2007 and the rest as they say is history.
Barely a year after signing the contract, she shot to fame with her second studio album. This time it was a Pop Rock effort titled ‘One of the boys’. It turned out to be became a smash hit. One of the Album’s hit tracks “I kissed a girl” stirred up quite a bit of controversy and continues to do so even today. 
In 2010 she released Teenage Dream,  her third album, which was more disco oriented. The experiment paid off—big time. 
Best songs by Katy Perry

Till date,  it is her most successful album and and her first number one album on the Billboard charts. Five of the tracks on this album made it to number one on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. This made it only the second album in music history to have five songs make number one. The only other artiste to pull off this incredible feat is the King of Pop Michael Jackson. He achieved this with his mega successful 1987 album ‘Bad’ .

Perry’s 2013 fourth album ‘Prism’ also became a chart topper and proved to the world that She was one of the most consistent artistes working today. The album also became a video sensation, by emerging as the first album in history to have multiple tracks get up to one billion views on the video streaming site Vevo.
But the beautiful singer wasn’t done yet. Her 2017 album ‘Witness’, also turned out to be a chart topper and record breaker. And speaking of records,  Perry has set four Guinness book of World records, and won numerous awards for musical excellence. She has also been listed often among the world’s most beautiful women
Making and selling good music pays off and pays big.  For Katy it has helped her amass a mind blowing net worth of $330 million dollars. 
She has sold over 40 million albums and 125 million singles globally.

 Here are top 10 best Katy Perry songs

10. Hot n Cold —2008
9. The one that Got away
8. Wide awake —2008
7. Last Friday night(T.G.I.F)
6. Firework —2010
5. California Gurl —2010
4. E. T —2011
3. Teenage Dream —2010
2. Dark Horse —2014
1. Roar —2013
If you are one of Katy Perry’s newer fans, you have to understand she has several other great hit songs to her name. Its just that the 10 selected songs above are our pick of best Katy Perry songs.
With this remarkable level of excellence and consistency she has maintained over the years,  there is no doubt in my mind that Katy Perry will still stretch our imagination and stir our souls to the rhythm of more hits to come. 

List of Music Awards won by Katy Perry

  • American Music Awards-       5
  • ASCAP Pop Music-                  16
  • Billboard Music Awards-        5
  • BMI Awards-                            10
  • MTV Video Music-                    5
  • People’s Choice-                      14
  • Juno Award-                              1
  • Brit Award-                                1
  • Teen Choice-                              5
  • Radio Disney-                            5
  • Guinness Book of records-     4
  • Grammy-                                  13
And counting. Can you believe the haul above! This woman isn’t playing around.
Her faith in her own talent has certainly paid off big time. Going from rejected recording artiste to one of the biggest names in music is no small feat to achieve in under a decade.
I’m pretty sure you have your own favorite picks of the best songs by Katy Perry songs ever. let me know your own favorites in the comment section below.

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