12 best Robert Downey Jr Movies you should see

12 best Robert Downey Jr Movies you should see

From the time Hollywood actor Robert Downey Jr made his acting debut at the young age of 5, it wasn’t hard to see that this kid had star quality. And yet, The success story of Robert is one that really boggles the mind—a bright light that seemed to fizzle out and then spark up again and shine brighter than before. Below, I will show you 12 of the very best Robert Downey Jr movies.


He is one of the rare celebrities who almost lost it all, but somehow by fighting back,  became one of the biggest Hollywood A list actors in history. 

Bottom line, the Iron Man star didn’t let his demons get the best of him, and what formidable ones they were! 

This actor has immense talent and has starred in several memorable movies. But today I’ll show you a powerful list of The 12 Robert Downey Jr best ever cinematic performances. And the result it’s a quite a remarkable list of great movies you have to see, or see again. 
Downey Jr has had a movie career that went like a rollercoaster ride before straightening out on level ground and then gaining an impressive momentum of success. His bout with substance abuse and legal troubles almost destroyed his Promising career, as his world spiralled out of control and even landed him behind bars. 
But a bit like a phoenix, he rose from the ashes and is currently the 5th highest grossing actor in the US. No easy feat for a star with such a troubled history. But this captivating actor seems to have his life and career well in hand now. 
His film acting journey kicked off with a bang when he starred in his father’s 1970 movie Pound. And his star continued to rise with Brat pack films of the 80s. Comedies like Weird Science in 1985 and 1987 drama, Less than zero.
His 1992 movie Chaplin earned him his first Academy award nomination. And won him a BAFTA for best actor in a leading role.
But unfortunately by the late 90s his demons caught up with him. His decline into drugs saw him land in a state Prison, as well as a California substance abuse treatment center. He was released in 2000, and joined the cast of Hit TV series Ally McBeal. His unquestionable talent was again on display, and he won a Golden Globe for his role.
But his career derailed again and he was fired from the show after being arrested for drugs on two occasions. This was less than a year after his release. The court ordered him into another substance abuse treatment program. And at that point,  it appeared like his so far brilliant career will go in the way of many notable but tragic stars before him—down the drain, to never resurface.
Hollywood actor Robert Downey Jr movies
But the incredible happened. He became sober. And it appears remained that way to this day, more or less.
Sobriety had a great impact on his movie career too as he starred in hit after hit. Action Thrillers like Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Zodiac and Tropic Thunder in the mid and late 2000s saw him in a resurgence that blew away fans and critics alike. 
He was nominated for his second Academy award , this time for best supporting actor for his role in Tropic thunder in 2008.
But it’s his role as Marvel’s Iron Man that really skyrocketed his Hollywood A list status. The movie Franchise has become one of the highest grossing movies of all time and earned him a reputation as one of the world’s most bankable stars.
Currently the 53 year old’s movies have grossed $9.5 billion domestic,  and $14.6 Billion  worldwide.
He was also ranked by Forbes as the highest paid actor in the world for three consecutive years between 2013 and 2015. He averaged $80 million per year during this time.

The following are top 12 best movies by Robert Downey Jr. 

12. Chaplin—1992. First Academy Award nomination. BAFTA award for best actor. By this performance the world really took notice if the young actors abundance of talent.
11. Gothika—2003. With Halle Berry. A gripping movie. Soul stirring.
10. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang—2005 With Val Kilmer. An action packed entertaining thriller.
9. Tropic Thunder—2008. Academy award nomination for best supporting actor. With a star packed cast which includes Tom Cruise, Ben Stiller, Jack Black,  Toby McGuire, John Voight, Jason Bateman, Jeniffer Love Hewitt, Tyra Banks, Nick Nolte and much much more. Unbelievable! And the movie was amazing too. 
8. Iron Man—2008. His first solo performance as Marvel superhero Iron Man. Downey Jr killed it, with an Iron clad performance.
10 best Robert Downey Jr movies

7. The Avengers—2012. Playing tech genius Tony Stark/Iron man alongside the other Avengers. Great chemistry. A fun ride of a film. 

Incredible Robert Downey Jr movie fight scene

6. Iron Man 3—2013. Grossed $1.215 Billion at the Box office. He continues to impress as Iron Man, and becoming the world’s highest paid actor in the process.
5. The Avengers: Age of Ultron—2015. Another mix and mix up with the rest of the old Avengers and introduction of some new ones too. 
10 best movies by Robert Downey Jr
4.  Sherlock Holmes—2009. A stellar performance by Robert. Here he proves his remarkable acting versatility.
3. Captain America: Civil war—2016. $1.132 billion box office gross. Head to Head with Captain America. Secrets surface,  anger soars, and fireworks erupt in this enthralling film. 
2. Avengers: Infinity War—2018. On a crazy $316 million budget, this blockbuster made an Even crazier $2.48 billion at the worldwide box office. And Robert was a great part of the movie’s overall appeal.
1. Avengers: End Game—2019. Emotions run high here,  hope seems rare and chances are slim at best.  Tony Stark and the rest of the remaining Avengers face an uphill task against reversing the damage done by Thanos in Infinity War. And Robert pulls off another stellar performance admist great showing by his counterparts.
An even bigger production budget of $356 million, far more than its predecessors, saw Avengers: End game make a mind boggling $2.798 billion at the box office. This made it by far the highest grossing movies of all time.  And one of the most expensive to make. Although Star Wars: The rise of Sky walker might do one of two things after its release next month. It might crush the earnings record set by Avengers Infinity war or it might become the biggest disappointment in blockbuster movie history by falling flat on its face, probably from Disney boldly stretching a beloved and revered franchise, for far longer than they should.
That’s Celeb Storm’s 12 best Robert Downey Jr movies. If you think we missed out on one or more of his great films, then mention it/them in the comment section, and I’ll be happy to look into it. I’m sure you may have some interesting opinions to share with the rest of us Robert Downey Jr fans. 

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