Best actors who have won most Oscars in movies

Best actors who have won most Oscars in movies

The Academy awards are the hallmark of talented actors and actresses. In many ways,  the coveted golden statue is the ultimate  crowning achievement for a screen star. But many are called and indeed very few are chosen to receive this highly regarded honour. Right here and now we will look at Best actors who have won most Oscars in movies.

Although this particular film awards is respected for various reasons, it’s highly selective nature has lent it an aura of gold and crown jewels over the years.  Attainable, yet elusive. Largely symbolic, yet  extremely valuable to winners and losers alike.

In an industry filled with talent, great and small, greater egos,  and even greater dreamers, ambition is a staple emotion. And dreams have a way of being magically realized,  or painfully crushed.  Such is the nature of the entertainment world of films,  where even the very talented are filled with self doubt, due to the merciless competitive terrain the work in.

However, for most  actors and actresses, simply getting nominated for an academy award is a very special achievement. (Which it is)  But to actually have won an Oscar is a feat so difficult only an elite group of stars have been able to win more than one of the sought after golden statues.

For their unequalled Acting excellence in acting certain actors have had the well deserved honour of winning not one or two but three Oscars,  while others have had to be content with one,  or with just multiple nominations and no wins. But surely getting nominated so many times but losing all must be a painful kick in the self esteem. But that’s just the way the academy works.
Without further ado, here is an elite list of the best actors who have won most Oscars in movie history. The list focuses on those stars Who have won at least three times. You’re not going to believe this, there are actually only six of them. So far anyway. It’s a though class to break into,  or break out of,  even for the very best actors. 

6 top Hollywood Actors and Actresses who have won most Oscars ever

1. Meryl Streep 
Actors and actresses who won Oscars Meryl Streep

Isn’t she a joy to behold, onscreen and off? The iconic Mary Louise ‘Meryl Streep’is an American actress widely considered by many to be the greatest actress of her generation. Her ability to adapt to a wide variety of roles, and pull them off to perfection has won her 3 Oscars. The wins are for the following Movies: Sophie’s Choice, Kramer vs Kramer and The Iron Lady.

Interestingly she is also the most nominated actor in movie history with a total of 20 nominations to her name. This 8 more than her two closest counterparts. An impressive and well deserved achievement for Streep. 

2. Jack Nicholson
Actors who won Oscars Jack Nicholson

With 3 Academy award wins from 12 nominations, captivating American actor Jack Nicholson is the most nominated male star ever. His career has spanned more than 6 decades and his remarkable performances have earned him 3 Golden statues. His wins come for his roles in the following films: One flew over the Cukoo’s nest, Terms of endearment, and As good as it gets.
A private and almost mysterious person, he was once reputed as saying that he didn’t like people to really know him, because it wasn’t a good thing for actors. Strange but intriguing. Well,  however strange his formula, he is certainly one special actor. His wins prove it. 

3. Katherine Hepburn
Multiple Oscar winner Katherine Hepburn

This legendary American actress has won more Oscars than any other star male or female. She won four of them, but never actually came to receive a single one personally during the ceremonies. Her reasons for that is quite interesting like the lady herself. Hepburn cited that it was the work that thrilled her, and not the prizes for the work. She won her Oscars for her unparalleled performances in the movies: Guess who’s coming to dinner, On golden pond, The Lion in winter and finally, Morning glory. 

4. Walter Brennan
Oscar Winner Walter Brennan

Brennan is not one of the most recognized faces in Hollywood movie  history, but his 4 nominations and 3 wins is an impressive achievement that only few have been able to match.

Although all his wins came from the supporting actor category, it doesn’t make it any less special and it still makes him one of only three actors to win the award thrice. His wins came for his gripping performances in the following movies: The Westerner, Come and get it, and Kentucky. I have seen them all and his wins were no fluke, he is undoubtedly an outstanding actor. 

5. Ingrid Bergman 
Multiple academy award winning actress Ingrid Bergman

Lovely on screen and in the flesh, the beautiful legend Ingrid Bergman had an unmatched appeal on screen and starred opposite some of the best leading men the industry has ever seen. For her awesome talent in acting, she won two Academy awards for the best actress role Movies Gaslight and Anastasia. And she won her third for her supporting role in the Hollywood movie  adaptation of Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express.

6. Daniel Day-Lewis 
Oscar Winner Daniel Day-Lewis

Some consider him the greatest actor ever,  while some consider him the hardest working actor out there. But most importantly, all agree with the 3 Academy awards he has won from just a mere 4 nominations.

This British actor is one of the few to have won all of his three awards in the best actor category. Considered one of the best Character actors ever to have graced the silver screen, Day Lewis has been known to take months just to prepare for a role and has gone so far into character sometimes that he even puts his own health at risk. His Oscar wins come from super performances in There Will be Blood, My left foot and Lincoln. After starring in only a handful of critically acclaimed movies, he retired from acting in 2017.

Other notable actors who have won the Oscar twice are Tom Hanks, Denzel Washington, Kevin Spacey, Kate Blanchet,Robert Dr Niro, Laurence Olivier, Marlon Brando,Hilary Swank and Sean Penn. Tom Hanks won the award two consecutive times in 1993 for Philadelphia and 1994 for Forrest Gump, something that happens rarely. He won both golden statues for his performances in a leading role.

Review of actors who won most Oscars in Academy awards history

  1. Daniel Day Lewis 
  2. Ingrid Bergman 
  3. Walter Brennan
  4. Katherine Hepburn 
  5. Jack Nicholson 
  6. Maryl Streep
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