9 most beautiful models in the world

9 most beautiful models in the world

Ever laid eyes on a top model?  Well in case you’ve been living in a cave the last few decades, you are about to see some of the most beautiful models in the world.

Talking Seriously now,  the modeling industry is filled with an endless array of marvelous looking women with stunning faces and gorgeous bodies.
The hot and beautiful world of fashion, style and beauty can be likened to an ever unfolding treasure chest that evolves with each twist and turn. And it usually evolves into something even more stunning everytime.

In this case, the treasures within this chest are some of the hottest models in the world. This rare breed of beauties,  spin their web of irresistible allure on us from every media and social media outlet.

To say that we mind this intrusion will be to deny our very need for visual beauty(eye candy) and entertainment.

All of the following women have rare and exquisite features that gave them the right to be listed amongst the world’s most beautiful fashion models.

Here is a list you will definitely love.
Some of the faces may be familiar but others may just be a mystery to you.

Here are the top 9 for  the year 2019.

Let’s rock!

9 hottest models in the world now

9. Constance Jablonski

Constance jablonski fashion model

This hot and hypnotic 28 year old model from Lille in France is one of the most popular and most breathtaking super models in the world today.

For almost a decade this elite model followed a different career path to modeling. She was actually a professional tennis player until her modeling career really bloomed in 2006.

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8.  Daria Strokous

Daria Strokous beautiful fashion models

Stunning Russian model, photographer and actress is blessed with a kind of beauty that stays in your memory even after you take your eyes off her.

Surprisingly, she was raised and educated in Benin republic in Africa,  the 28 year old beauty went on to become 8th on the list of the most beautiful fashion models in the world.

7. Carolyn Murphy

Carolyn Murphy most beautiful model

Ageless American fashion model and actress Carolyn Murphy is the number 7 on the list. Although she’s over four decades old, she is still a powerful stunner.

The 44 year old dazzler is as beautiful as ever.

6. Sigrid Agren

 Sigrid Agren world's most beautiful models
The hauntingly beautiful look of Sigrid Agren is a must see for all.

Born in France, the 28 year old Agren came to prominence through the elite modeling agency. Sigrid is one of the world’s hottest models, and getting hotter every year.

5. Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr most beautiful fashion models in the world

She was a revelation of the Victoria Secret fashion show were she wowed with her beauty.
The Australian modeling goddess and former spouse of movie star Orlando bloom is a eye candy any given day.
She is the 5th on our list of hottest looking runway stars.

Two of the top four are Victoria Secrets models

4. Kate Upton

9 most beautiful models in the world

Top model Kate Upton is a 26 year old American model and actress.  She appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue in 2012, 2013 and 2017. As well as being considered one of the world’s most beautiful people, She is also an accomplished Hollywood actress.

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3. Candice Swanepoel

Candice swanepoel Victoria secrets model

The most popular Victoria Secrets model,  Candice Swanepoel has a gorgeous face and hot body to go with it.

The South African born beauty raises temperatures and inspires dreams wherever she goes.

2. Kate Moss

Kate moss fashion industry

One of the most popular and revolutionary faces in the fashion and modeling industry for more than two decades.

Kate Moss rode on the wings of a new modeling look that took the industry and the world by storm.
And she cemented her place as one of the most recognized faces on earth.

1. Gisele Bundchen

Gisele Bundchen most beautiful models in the world 2016

The super model whom other super  models bow to.
This astonishing beauty from Brazil redefined the modeling industry, taking it to never before seen heights of prestige and glamour.
The Victoria secrets model made a name for herself both in and outside the modeling world.

The south American beauty amassed an unprecedented $300 million fortune in the process.
Gisele Bundchen is number one of the most beautiful models in the world today.

The Latino stunner is Married to NFL great Tom Brady.

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