6 great movies you can watch over and over again

6 great movies you can watch over and over again

BestHundreds of movies are released into the box office every month. Slot of those films are mediocre works easily forgotten, while some are big projects, with big budgets…easily forgotten. But there is a small and elite selection of films that not only grip you and capture your attention immediately, but also stand the test of time as they draw you in to see them often. These remarkable few are the best movies you can watch over and over again and still ask for more.

No matter how hard you try, some Hollywood movies are still watched and quickly forgotten, while others grip your heart and soul for a lifetime. These are evergreen films that grow in appeal from generation to generation. 

The following movies are some of the best that fall into this category of evergreen appeal.  
In our busy world, these amazing movies have the rare ability of staying with us always and making us lifelong fans. And it’s such a joy and pleasure to drop in on them from time to time. Just like a dear friend, they are forever etched in our hearts.
1. Titanic
Starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, this incredible tragic romantic movie is a classic that gets your heart pounding with its catastrophic visual effects, and then sets it fluttering with its powerful love story spawned by tragedy.  Although the film runs for over three hours, you wouldn’t even notice the length, as you get so hooked on almost everything about it. 
So engrossing and captivating is this movie that you get the feeling that you are only watching it for the very first time whenever you lay eyes on it. 
It has certainly guaranteed it’s place amongst timeless classics like gone with the wind, Casablanca and The Godfather.
Top 6 movies you can watch over and over again

2. ET( Extra-terrestrial)
A 1982 science fiction masterpiece by genius Hollywood director Steven Spielberg is heart wrenching movie filled with unforgettable characters and and a suprisingly endearing alien character that stole the hearts of movie fans all over the world. 
One of Mr. Spielberg’s most notable works,  ET has stood the test of time and newer generation of fans are getting hooked everytime they see this timeless stroke of genius.
Movies you can watch over and over again


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3. The Sound of Music
Rated as the highest selling movie musical in history, this surprise hit movie starring Christopher Plummer and Julie Andrews, has the perfect mix of thrills for most movie goers. More than enough appeal to make it one of the most memorable movies you have ever seen. Actually, it keeps getting better every time you watch it. And apart from that, you will constantly find yourself singing along to the irresistible soundtracks in this blockbuster movie blockbuster movie.
Although it was released in 1965, its appeal is stronger than ever.
Try this little experiment: 1) Plan to watch only the first 10 minutes of The Sound of music. 2) Take a seat, Press play and start watching. 3) I’ll see at the end credits. Lol!
Best movies you can watch over and over again
4. Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope
when it began it swept the globe with its magic of special effects and weird but loving characters. At first glance it appeared to be a film you might not take seriously, but then it plays you for a sucker, and pulls you into its hypnotic world of fantasy and adventure. 
Many other films followed in the franchise, the latest being Star wars: The rise of Skywalker, but none(unfortunately) have been able to match the magic of this original film.
Most people who watch it found themselves joining the ever growing millions of Star Wars fans. Are you a Jedi or a Storm Trooper?
Best Hollywood movies you can watch over and over again
5. Grease
If you haven’t heard of or seen this movie, then I must say you are missing out on one of the biggest treats Hollywood has ever offered. Personally I consider this Musical starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton John a masterpiece of entertainment that every movie lover should see. I watched this 1978 film for the first time. I researched it almost immediately. And you may not believe this,  but I have now seen it at least over 80 times. And sadly for this Grease junkie… I’m not done. 
 Hollywood movies you can watch over and over again



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6. Forrest Gump

In 1994 Tom Hanks starred in one of the most intriguing and heart wrenching films ever made. Director Robert Zemeckis helped pull this Rabbit out of a hat.  To give you this movie’s synopsis will just not do it any justice. Take my advice, go see it. You will be so glad you did.

No wonder it beat out the likes of Pulp Fiction at the Oscars that year, making a sweep of Wins : Best actor, Best director, best adaptive screenplay,  and Best picture.
Best Hollywood most rewatchable movies
Here they are folks my top 6 most unforgettable movies you can watch over and over again. 
Did I miss out on any of your addictive favourites? Mention them in the comments section will you, I’d love to see which ones!

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