6 celebrities who are difficult to work with

6 celebrities who are difficult to work with
Stars can be very demanding people; which is okay if the demands do not border on crazy.
But some celebrities can be difficult to work with.
While some requirements from some celebs like Kristen Dunst, who once asked that she take home all her on set outfits from cheerleader movie “bring it On” was quite easy for the crew to pull off, some of the most unsuspecting celebs can have some of the most outrageous needs.
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Here are six celebrities who are difficult to work with. Some of their demands will certainly blow your mind.

1. Barbra Streisand
barbra streisand celebs

Legendary songstress and actress Barbra Streisand is known

in the entertainment industry as one of the kindest and easiest people to work
with whether she’s starring in a movie or performing music classics on stage.
But there is one totally unexpected hitch in contractual demands when it comes
to Barbra; If the toilet paper in her bathroom is not Peach colored, the Iconic
singer will not even begin to perform on stage; no matter what. Strange but
true. Give her the right colored Boudoir paper, and Streisand will give you
the stage performance of a lifetime.
2. Eddie Murphy 
eddie murphy celebs

Veteran Comedian Eddie Murphy may be one that gives you all the laughs when he’s entertaining, but you won’t find things so funny when the actor makes his weird demands. It just so happens he has a thing for potpourri in his dressing room.

The comic also demands a personal trainer whenever and wherever he’s filming. Even if the movie shoots for several months.

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3. Madonna

madonna celebs
Guy Ritchie must have had his hands full. Despite her often eccentric attitude, Madonna is generally easy to work with. But on occasion she turns into one demanding diva. For instance, the great singer and actress demands a steady(and I mean ceaseless) supply of Bubble gum and Hot Tamale candy while she’s working. Weird, weird.

Actors who are difficult to work with

4. James wood
James wood is a Hollywood veteran, and although many people
are not aware that the mercurial actor can be a pain in the neck, but unfortunately that’s the case. He has a thing for his hair; No harm there right? But while filming The Hard Way, the actor was so self conscious about his presumed bald patch, he paid  a hair dresser $6000 a week to help him hide it.
5. Scott Glenn
He is a health nut. Mr. Glenn insists on having freshly squeezed orange juice while he is working on set. I don’t mean anything from a can or made from juice concentrates. No! none of that for the health conscious star. He insists on having it freshly squeezed and you better have evidence it
was so. No fooling Mr. Glenn.
Once,  during filming of a movie, a frustrated catering crew had just about had enough of Mr. Glenn and his orange juice craze. They proceeded to pour him canned orange juice and scatter orange rinds around the kitchen to give him the impression they had just been freshly squeezed.
6. Jennifer Lopez
jennifer lopez celebs

She is one of the most beloved women in the world and

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certainly one of the world’s most beautiful people. So many awe-struck people
she’s worked with do not complain too much when the actress and singer insists
on traveling in only Black colored Limousines driven by male Chauffeurs. And
before I forget, Lopez also insists on sleeping on beds made with 625 cotton
twill sheets; whatever in the world are those?
However, love them or hate them,  these stars are stars because they brought something special into the lives of their fans through their entertainment talent.
Of course there are many more celebrities who are difficult to work with, or even impossible to work with,  but the weird demands of the stars above takes the cake.

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