5 worst celebrity alcoholics you didn’t know about

5 worst celebrity alcoholics you didn’t know about
Alot of times, celebrities and alcohol go hand in hand. But the following 5 stars just happened to take their drinking  to a whole new level.  And as a result, became some of the  worst celebrity alcoholics out there.
It’s true that drinking can be fun. But unfortunately, when it gets out off hand it can cause quite a bit of problems. Sadly, it can even turn deadly.
Honestly I’m not kidding here. Alcoholism can sometimes be likened to a plague—rampant, catchy, and extremely destructive.
And it always begins the same strangely  innocent way—with one drink. 
Celebrity who are alcoholics

As Harmless as that sounds, it’s pretty easy to get carried away after that first swig or sip or gulp! And then—it becomes a way of life.  Its welcome to boozey land.

Many times over the years we have been saddened by the shocking news of our favorite celebrities who suffer from alcoholism. Unfortunately we have watched several of them ruin their careers and personal lives before our very eyes. All because of their love for the fiery liquid. B
Huge Stars like Hollywood actor Richard Burton, and silver screen heartthrob Errol Flynn, all but ruined their looks and health by drinking way too much and not being able to stop. Health complications mainly from a life of extreme alcohol abuse, eventually led to the death of both big screen legends.
Not too long ago one of the world’s most famous(and beloved) celebrity alcoholics, football icon George Best succumbed to several decades of abusing his once super fit body with drinking. The former Manchester United footballer and European footballer of the Year died after falling into a coma. He was 56 years old at the time of his death. It was really a sad thing to slowly watch him waste away year after year until the end. 
Many celebs with the same problem actually never let anyone know about it. But here are 5 of the worst celebrity alcoholics you probably didn’t  to know are alcoholics—or recovered ones. 
Some names on this list will blow your mind away, while others may not be such a surprise.
Sadly some of them didn’t end up well. But Thankfully some  fought back and succeeded in kicking the habit that has landed so many of their compatriots in the grave. 

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5 celebrities who are alcoholics 

1. David Hasselhoff
David Hasselhoff alcoholism

Actor, singer and television personality David Hasselhoff has had one of the more embarrassing addiction journeys of most celebrities. Back in 2007, gossip colums and news programs had a field day with the Baywatch star. This was after one of his shocking drunken videos surfaced online.

But these days,  the star is squarely facing his demons after the video caused the courts to temporarily suspend his visitation rights to his daughters. 

But the Knight Rider actor still managed to make our crazy list of worst celebrity alcoholics. And he came in at a not too shabby number 1.

2. Lindsay Lohan 
Worst celebrity alcoholics

If you had a penny for everytime Lindsay Lohan was in the news for substance abuse, you would be king. 

As a matter of fact, at one point It got so bad that back 2010 that a court ordered the former child star to wear an alcohol monitoring bracelet to monitor her addiction. Such was the extent of her binging. Bad news—It didn’t seem to  help. A relapse during her flopped reality show in 2014, revealed how tough it is to kick the habit. Her career has been adversely affected of course, with hardly any movie roles coming Her way these days. Her current Networth hover over $500,000 mark.  This shows just how bad a toll her drinking has taken on her earning capability and her career as a whole. And you have to remember that Lohan was one big Hollywood A lister,  prior to her fall from grace. 

3. Mel Gibson
Worst celebrity alcoholics

Veteran, Hollywood actor Mel Gibson, is certainly one of the most popular, Charismatic and Successful actors  and filmmakers in the world. But he admitted he has battled alcoholism for all of his adult life. His two Highly publicized driving under the influence arrests in 2006 and 2009, brought this ugly problem to the public’s attention. Currently, it appears he hasn’t yet kicked the habit that has completely ruined his once stunning looks. But he is still an amazing movie maker. 

4. Stephen King
Alcoholic celebrities

He is the Guy you brought us Horror classics like It, and the Shinning. He is one of the highest selling writers in history. Infact over the years King has amassed a near cult status due to his consistent excellence in the horror genre. But this master of the horror has had some pretty scary moments in his personal life. For many years the literary genius was plagued by drug and alcohol addiction. But he was fortunate that his family staged an intervention that helped him turn the tide. In the late 80s Stephen King sought help for his addiction, and quit alcohol and drugs. Hurrah for that! A clear head is certainly needed to churn out all those masterpieces.

5. Daniel Radcliffe 
Worst celebrity alcoholics

The popular star of the mega hit Movie Franchise ‘Harry Potter’ has had an incredible acting career. Even as a child actor, Radcliffe already had the kind of fame that surpassed that of many adult A list stars. But like alot of child actors in Hollywood, he fell into self destructive habits that almost ruined his promising career. In his own words he used to drink so much, he even started drinking before going onset. He only changed his ways after he realized that alcohol was truly and irreversibly destroying him. 

If we attempted to list every known star that has a drinking problem here, this list may have a close resemblance to the yellow pages. Of course there are many more alcohol troubled celebrities, but we’ve narrowed it to just this five stars, to show you some of the surprise celeb additions here.

Recap of 5 worst celebrity alcoholics working today

  • David Hasselhoff
  • Lindsay Lohan
  • Mel Gibson
  • Stephen King
  • Daniel Radcliffe
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Don’t get me wrong fellows, the five celebs on this list are by no means the only or worst Celebrity alcoholics ever. They just happen to make the cut here. There are a lot of notable mentions in the past present and predictable future. So don’t hold your breath.

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