5 famous celebrities who went broke by spending too much money

5 famous celebrities who went broke by spending too much money

Being a celebrity usually comes with two things:  Fame and fortune. But in a situation where the fortune part is missing from this equation, it can paint a really bizarre picture for the celebrity/celebrities in question. We know that a lot of these stars earn mind blowing amounts of money annually. But we are also aware that a lot of them are high maintenance and quite careless too. Below are 5 famous celebrities who went broke

The current net worths of some of these stars are so low infact it will shock the hairs off you.

Strangely, in every case here,  the star is crazy famous.  

When you are making money in tons and at a go, and this sort of earning continues soar as your career progresses, it becomes hard to be careful or disciplined. 

You might start to think that you are the undisputed king of cash and that nothing can go wrong with your cash flow or wealth.  For instance, when you hear astonishing stories of how celebs like retired boxing champion Floyd Mayweather .Jr  spends astonishing amounts of cash at a go on luxury items that might be largely considered unnecessary, it can give you some idea how some stars can afford to
spend this much money and not fear going broke.

Sadly though many celebs do end up losing all their money.

But so far, stars like Floyd and a handfull of other stars are the exception to the rule, of not going Broke(Yet) after sustained spells of heavy spending. Other celebs have not been so fortunate.
Infact  many others with extravagant spending habits have found themselves in a financial jam, as their accounts go in the red and they discover that being a celebrity does not exclude them from the basic rules of economics.
And when the owed taxes pile up and the IRS start hounding them, and creditors apply the pressure, something’s got to give and usually a filing of bankruptcy is the end result for many of them as they struggle to keep working and pay off their bills.
I will not focus on the big netwoth celebrities today, instead I will show you a short list of 5 celebrities whose low networths will astound you. They are the popular stars we didn’t expect to be broke. But they just happen to be seriously so. Here they are- 5 famous celebrities who went broke. Some quite badly too.

5 Celebrities who lost all their money


 1. Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan famous celebrities who went broke
 Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan was a movie star ever since she was a child. And up to her  youth and adulthood, she continued to blaze a trail of success. But with Alcohol and drug addiction, Several rehab stints, numerous legal troubles and a very poor management of her once considerable resources, the 32 year old star’s wealth has dwindled to a paltry $800,000.
2. Mike Tyson
Mike Tyson Celebrities who went broke

 In his prime, legendary former world heavyweight champion boxer Iron Mike Tyson was the baddest man on the planet, and one of the most feared and skilled boxers the world had ever seen. During his era of invincibility and up until the end of his career, Tyson earned a staggering $300 million. But Mike was not just a scary customer inside the ring, he was pretty out of control outside the ring. A fast and careless lifestyle did not just see him landing in jail, but also saw his massive fortune drop to almost nothing. But luckily for the ex fighter, he is working really hard now to reinvent himself, and has seen his net worth climb slowly up to $3million. Still a far cry from his former financial glory, but people are grateful the global icon is finally and gradually getting to his feet.

3. Nicolas Cage
Hollywood actor Nicolas cage has been a consistent screen star for over two decades now. He was on serious fire in the mid to late 90s and a great
part of the 2000s, He even won an Academy award for best actor for his incredible performance in the 1996 film Leaving Las Vegas. He is appearing on this list, not because he is actually stone broke, but because, due to his addiction to wild spending, we have seen his networth bounce like a yoyo over the years. So His Current net worth of $25 million is as unsteady as the Atlantic ocean, because we have seen him many times so worse off than this. A fact that makes him take on mediocre roles in mediocre movies, just to pay the bills.
4. Chris Tucker
It’s quite incredible that at one point, this man was the highest paid actor in the world. This was after he was paid $25 million and 20% of the box office total receipt for hit movie Franchise Rush Hour 3.
Funnyman Chris Tucker really started seeing the Benjamins after he starred  Opposite Kungfu star Jackie Chan in the blockbuster hit Rush hour. It was reported that Tucker received
 $20 million for the first film and
negotiated another $40 million for the last two movies in the Franchise. But
Foreclosed homes and owed taxes and crazy spending saw the actor owing the IRS  $14 million. Even though his current wealth is estimated at $11. 5 million, it’s a huge fall from his glory days.

Some celebrities who died broke (video)

5. Pamela Anderson 
Pamela Anderson celebrity Networth

 The former Playboy star and actress became a sort of cultural icon in the 90s and was one of the  most in-demand (And controversial)entertainers in the world at one time. So it’s a horrible wonder how her netwoth is a shocking $5 million now. This amount of cash is by no means small. But After so many years on top of her game, one would have expected Anderson to be much wealthier than this.

Strange thing about these group of stars is that some of them have actually had periods when they recovered completely from their brokestate, but found their cash dwindle again-and again as they continued to live their questionable lifestyles.
Thee are many more famous celebrities who went broke,  from actors and actresses to singers, and to politicians, history has proven, quite shocking too, that no star is immune to wealth loss.

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