5 famous Celebrities who hate fame

5 famous Celebrities who hate fame
There is no denying it, fame can be really sweet. It’s unlike anything else in the world. But unfortunately, there are alot of downsides to it as well.  Today I’m going to show you some famous Celebrities who hate fame  .
But just to ask: have you ever wondered what it would be like to be famous?  I mean “fan screaming” famous?
 A world where people just love you for your talent  and everybody knows your name, and admires every thing you do(even the crappy things). You Wake up each day to hundreds of fan notifications online,  just because you’re so loved or envied, or both by tons of people!
Let’s check out theses Popular stars who hate fame. Crazy but true. Imagine pursuing fame and fortune for years, finally getting it and then growing to despise it—the fame part at least.  The dividends of  What was once a cherished goal, now becomes a burden of sorts for these unpredictable stars.
Actually, when you look at it like that, it kind of makes it seem like  famous people have all the luck and glory in the world. Maybe they do, but you’d be shocked by what some of these larger than life celebs have to endure for the sake of fame. It can get lonely, it get get tough, it can get overwhelming, and sadly,  it can also get downright ugly. 
When you are blessed with Money, talent, personal chefs, cars, homes, connections, brand name, and a legion of adoring followers, it’s hard to keep feeling like a normal, and it’s hard not to develop some kind of weirdness as a result of your fame. Even very mentally strong celebs still struggle to find their balance in the often crazy world they live in. 
No wonder many a star start to vigorously pursue some sort of normalcy after fame comes. But somethings cannot be undone. Spilt milk is pretty much impossible to recover.
Non celebs will find it hard to agree that fame is anything less than pure bliss. I mean, What could be better? Who wouldn’t want to walk around feeling like a god? Well, if you’d like to know the truth, then no one can give you the answer  better than the stars themselves. Here are 5 celebrities who hate fame and not afraid to show it.
strangely, these stars listed here are some of the Most popular celebs on earth. But they still find that level of popularity appalling, and the status of celeb more like a burden than a blessing.
Brighter than lights? Here come the stars!

5 stars who hate being famous


1. Johnny Depp

Famous people who hate fame

This Iconic man is widely Considered one of the most versatile screen performers in history.  American Hollywood actor Johnny Depp first appeared in a role in the 1984 horror movie, Nightmare on Elm street. But strangely his fame came not in cinema, but in television, when he starred in Popular TV series 21 Jump Street

Currently, Depp is seen as one of the most respected and successful actors ever to grace the silver screen.  He currently has a string of great roles to his name. 
With regards to his immense fame,  Depp confesses that he really loves what he does, but he does not like the fame that unavoidably comes with it. In his own words he described  fame as
living like a fugitive
2. Justin Bieber
Famous stars Who hate fame

If you have never heard of Justin Bieber then you have probably been living under a rock for almost a decade. The Canadian pop sensation whose amazing talent came to light through popular video sharing site YouTube, is one of the most popular male singers in the world. For him,  fame came fast and strong!  His 2009 debut album ‘My World’, sold almost 150,000 copies within its first week out!  That can be a hard rush of popularity to swallow for anyone, not to speak of one so young. And he has never looked back since. But on several occasions he has expressed his dislike for his fame, saying that becoming famous when so young, was the Toughest thing in the world for him. He cited how the lifestyle of the famous was destructive. Especially for younger people and child stars like himself.

3. Lady Gaga
Most popular celebrities in the world

American singer and recording artiste Lady Gaga, shot to fame with a brand and persona that bordered on the Bizzare. Her public antics, creative but crazy music videos, lyrics, dance moves and outrageous outfits drew her to millions and drew millions to her, both in terms of money and fanbase. Her social media followers combined go over a hundred million people!

 Unsurprisingly Gaga is considered one of the world’s most influential people.
But this uniquely talented singer and actress hates fame terribly. She described it as lonely. And also called it the single most isolating thing in the world. Isn’t that an unfortunate consequence for a person who has given so much joy to so many people. 
4. Britney Spears
 famous celebrities who hate fame

When you are just a young teenager,  and your debut album sells 13 million copies, it’s hard to handle how fast fame can come to you under those circumstances. Britney Spears shot to fame so fast it will make your head spin. But she described her Celebrity status   as ‘Sad’ 

True, the ups and downs that have marked the life and career of this talented and beautiful lady can be aptly described as sad.

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5. Marlon Brando
Actor Johnny Depp celebrities who hate fame

He is reputed for bringing a depth to acting and movies never before seen in Hollywood. His very onscreen presence was powerful and captivating,  earning him widespread acclaim as probably the world’s greatest actor ever. 

Although Mr Brando has passed on, I added him to this list because he best summarized his disgust for acting, better than any other celeb before or after him. 
He called actors liars, and called acting,  an expression of neurotic impulse.
Mr Brando is known for this famous quote 
The only reason I’m in Hollywood is that I don’t have the moral courage to refuse the money.
But Marlon Brando did refuse the Academy award he won for his iconic role in The Godfather in 1973.
You just saw our carefully selected list of celebrities who hate fame. But unfortunately for these talented and  previlaged individuals, nothing lights up a life like fame does, and nothing is harder to forget than a prominent Celebrity.
So these long-suffering stars will just have to swallow their disgust for fame, and keep basking in the spotlight they once desperately craved.  For the sake of their fans at least. 

Recap of 5 Celebs who hate fame an say so

  1. Johnny Depp 
  2. Justin Bieber 
  3. Lady Gaga 
  4. Britney Spears 
  5. Marlon Brando

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