5 best looking Hollywood actors who will blow your mind

5 best looking Hollywood actors who will blow your mind

Believe it or not, some of the best looking male celebrities in the world today are not models or singers,  but actors. I’m going to show you 5 of the most best looking  Hollywood actors on our screens now.

From the golden years of cinema to the present, several pulse raising movie gods have emerged on the silver screen.
From legendary blue eyed hotties like Paul Newman, and mysterious looking hunks like Marlon Brando, to groundbreaking beauties like James Dean, some of the planets greatest looking males have come into our lives as actors via our screens.

Get yourself ready because here come the hunks! I want to show you some of the best looking male movie stars working today. you have ever seen. We won’t go all the way back to the classic years, because if we do, it’s going to take pages and pages of gorgeousness.  Rather, we will focus on the present day stars that scorch us with their good looks, and hold us awe struck with their undeniable sex appeal.
Here they are:

5 best looking actors in Hollywood

5. Idris Elba
idris elba best looking Hollywood actors
The 46 year old star has one of the most piercing eyes you have ever seen. A great body and charming smile didn’t do the talented actor any harm either. Once considered as the next James Bond, still a favorite to snag the coveted role,  after the certain retirement of Daniel Craig.
With an amazing physic, Elba has the kind of clean cut good looks
that only seems to get better with age.
4. Tom Hardy
Best looking actors tom hardy
Don’t know which is sexier, his captivating looks or his amazing voice. One thing is certain though;
it makes for one hunky package of hotness. Even though the critically
acclaimed actor stars in many dark and hard roles, his sex appeal still breaks
the genre tag and shines right through. It would be great to see him in a light hearted but scorching romantic comedy though.
3. Chris Hemsworth
chris hemsworth best looking hollywood actors
Gorgeously blond and amazingly muscled, the Thor star is considered one of the sexiest men alive. Tall and beautifully endowed with an
Adonis look, Hemsworth is the stuff made of dreams.
2. Henry Cavill
Best looking hollywood actors henry cavill
Dark and disturbingly handsome, the Superman actor’s chiseled features and superbly proportioned body is simply breath taking. No wonder he was a perfect fit for the Superman role.
1. Jason Momoa
jason momoa best looking hollywood actors
He will make every woman want to learn to speak Dothraki. The Game of Thrones star and his Unique Samoan Beauty has captured the hearts of fans far and wide.
Feeling the heat yet? You’ve just seen some of the sexiest actors in Hollywood. What do you think? It was a hard top 5 list to put together, since there are so many adorable hunks out there these days. But the five men on this
list certainly have one thing in common; they all wear their sex appeal like a
second skin. They carry it so naturally and so casually it adds further to
their overall appeal and good looks.
No man looks better than one who carries his looks with a graceful casualness.

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