Jason Momoa and Emilia Clarke Reunite Khaleesi and Khal at Sundance

Jason Momoa and Emilia Clarke Reunite Khaleesi and Khal at Sundance

Game of Thrones fans got really excited whenJason Momoa, and Emilia Clarke recently reunited for a panel at Sundance Film Festival. Both Momoa, who is known for his roles as Khal Drogo, and Clarke, who portrayed his khaleesi, Daenerys Targaryen, celebrated the work done by the HBO show that aired its finale in May 2019.

Memorable Show Reunions

The pair spoke in the virtual panel with other cast members to commemorate the profound impact the show has left on viewers worldwide. It was their first public reunion since the show ended. Momoa said it was “nice to be reunited with the family.”

The panel was part of the midnight section at the Sundance Film Festival, reported Variety, and it was helmed by director Matt Shakman who talked about GOT to its end.

Momoa and Clarke Describe Their Characters

Onstage, Momoa reminisced about his character as the leader of the Dothraki and said, “Khal Drogo was so raw and so alive,” and reprised his iconic line: “My sun and stars.”

Clarke spoke warmly of her character saying she was “a part of myself I still have today. Just a better version.”

The discussion was full of both funny memories but also of fond memories and a sense of appreciation from the success of the show.

Serious Discussion

The panel also touched upon the serious topics of early seasons’ issues with nudity and sexual violence, with Clarke revealing her feelings of “shame…about being depicted as a powerful woman” due to the way her character would be sexualized by the camera angles and costumes she had to wear.

The two former co-stars were still in high spirits and were happy to be reunited. Momoa even joked that they had not seen each other since “i think since you murdered me,” referring to how Clarke’s character ended up killing her love interest on the show.

Memorable Finale

The two stars also spoke of their satisfaction with the finale and the journey their characters went through. It was certainly a special reunion for the pair, a journey that had begun over ten years ago.

Momoa said, “I’m so proud of all the actors,” and he thanked the show for making the characters the success they have today.

Fans can look forward to another GOT reunion at a Con of Thrones taking place in Nashville, Tennessee, in April.


Game of Thrones fans both near and far celebrated the reunion between Khal DRogo and his khaleesi. With the TV show having a profound impact on viewers, the reunion was filled with emotion, fond memories, and the continuation of the bond between the two characters. It’s no wonder GOT fans got excited, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store with the next reunion at Con of Thrones.

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