Grace and Trai Byers Will Soon Be a Family of 3

Grace and Trai Byers Will Soon Be a Family of 3

Exciting news is on its way for the much-loved celebrities, Grace and Trai Byers, who have declared that they are soon to be a family of 3.

The couple has announced on social media that their son—Asa Byers—is due to join them in the world in the very near future.

Who are Grace & Trai Byers ?

Grace and Trai have been happily married since 2012. Grace is a talented actress and producer who is known for her work in television series such as Empire and Girlfriends. Trai is a successful actor who has starred in hit films like Get Out and most recently, X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

The Joy of Parenthood

The couple have expressed their excitement at the thought of becoming parents and are looking forward to the wonderful milestones that come with having a baby. Trai said, “Grace and I are overjoyed to become parents and to experience in full the joy of parenthood together.”

Their friends and fans have shown keen interest in their impending arrival and have sent the couple their heartfelt wishes.

The Challenges Ahead

Although the couple is excited about their baby’s arrival, they are also aware of the enormous responsibility that parenthood brings. It will be a challenging time as they juggle their professional lives with caring for Asa. But with the support of their close family and friends, they’re prepared to rise to the occasion.


Grace and Trai Byers are all set to become a family of 3 in the very near future. With their combined passion, drive and determination, the couple is ready to face any challenge that comes their way. Their excitement and heartfelt wishes of family and friends, will no doubt bring a wave of joy and happiness to their soon-to-be Bundle of Joy and his loving parents.

Grace and Trai Byers Will Soon Be a Family of 3

Grace Byers and Trai Byers, stars of the hit FX show, Atlanta, are about to welcome their first born into the world. The couple announced their pregnancy news in November 2020, and just a few months later, the baby is about to arrive. This new addition to the Byers family will make them a family of three.

Grace and Trai’s Relationship

The couple first started dating in 2018 and got engaged in 2019 and by 2020, they were expecting their first child. Grace, originally from Sierra Leone, met her hubby in Los Angeles, California, while auditioning for a role in a movie. The two were an immediate match and eventually tied the knot in a beautiful wedding in April 2019.

The Couple are Overjoyed

Both parents are overjoyed to welcome this new addition to their family. In the November 2020 announcement, Grace shared that they were “mind-blown, speechless, & filled with joy” – it doesn’t get much cuter than that.

What to Expect

Since there weren’t many details about the pregnancy available at the time of the announcement, we can only assume that the actual due date is coming soon. At this point in time, the couple hasn’t revealed the sex of the baby, but it won’t be long before we get to find out.

Preparing for Baby

Grace and Trai have been busy getting ready for their impending arrival. They’ve both been quite active on social media, sharing pictures of their nursery, baby gear, and even some maternity photoshoots. They’ve also been making sure that their family and friends know that they are preparing for the arrival of their newest bundle of joy.

Happiness Ahead

It’s clear that Grace and Trai are beyond excited to become a family of three. We wish them the best of luck in the days and weeks ahead!

Quick Recap:

  • Grace and Trai Byers will soon be a family of three.
  • They first started dating in 2018 and got engaged in 2019.
  • The due date is coming soon but sex of baby is still a mystery.
  • The couple has been active on social media, sharing nursery pics, baby gear, and maternity photoshoots.
  • They are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their newest bundle of joy.

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