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Gigi Hadid Shares Photos From Her Beach Vacation With Daughter Khai: “A Lil R&R”

Gigi Hadid Shares Photos From Her Beach Vacation With Daughter Khai: “A Lil R&R”

Gigi Hadid Shares Photos from Beach Vacation With Daughter Khai: “A Lil R&R”

Supermodel Gigi Hadid Spends Time With Daughter Khai

Supermodel Gigi Hadid recently took a break from work to spend some quality time with her daughter Khai. She shared photos from the beach vacation with the sweet caption, “A lil R&R.”

Hadid, who is mother to 13-month-old Khai, announced her daughter’s birth in September 2020, having welcomed her with her partner and former One Direction singer Zayn Malik.

In the pictures, Hadid can be seen carrying Khai as they walk through the beach, admiring the waves. She wore a striking brown outfit, with a lace dress and open-toe brown boots. Khai was wearing a yellow dress and her feet were covered with socks.

The few moments captured on camera show the mother and daughter strolling blissfully on the shoreline, looking picture-perfect with their matching outfits. Building sandcastles, getting a break from the hustle of life, and just taking some time to enjoy each other’s company—this vacation was surely one to count down.

Gigi Has Been Open About Being A Mom

Since welcoming Khai to the world, Gigi has been open about the joys and challenges that come with being a mother. She never shies away from sharing cute snaps of her daughter on her social media pages.

Moreover, Hadid also shared her experience with postpartum depression on Instagram. She admitted that it was something she dealt with but doesn’t have to hide from. Eventually, she said, she found that writing and connecting with others who can relate helped her recover.

Gigi Hadid Is Living Her Best Mom Life

Gigi Hadid is definitely living her best life as a mama. Aside from sharing photos from her beach vacation, Hadid also posted a video of Khai and herself riding a carousel. Surrounded by slides and games and merry-go-rounds, the two obviously had an enjoyable time.

The photos and videos shared by Hadid on social media implore us to spend more quality time with our families, making happy memories we’ll remember forever. With her fun-filled getaways, Hadid sets an example for moms everywhere to relish in their parental journey and enjoy every moment, no matter how small.

Gigi Hadid Family Vacation Takeaways

Gigi Hadid’s beach vacation with her daughter Khai was certainly a heartwarming experience. While many parents had to unfortunately reschedule their vacations due to the pandemic, Gigi was able to make some unforgettable memories for her and her daughter.

From her posts, here are some family vacation takeaways we can all apply:

  • Be creative with quality time: Instead of sitting at home, take time to explore and be creative. Find activities that you and your family can enjoy.
  • Be open to conversation: Hadid candidly shared her postpartum depression, letting others know they are not alone in their struggles. Consider talking to your family about topics that may be difficult, but are important.
  • Make memories that last a lifetime: Create fun and lasting memories, like Hadid and Khai did, to treasure long after your vacation is over.

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