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Gigi Hadid Shares Photos From Her Beach Vacation With Daughter Khai: “A Lil R&R”

Gigi Hadid Shares Photos From Her Beach Vacation With Daughter Khai: “A Lil R&R”

Gigi Hadid Shares Photos From Her Beach Vacation With Daughter Khai: “A Lil R&R”

Gigi Hadid and her daughter Khai were spotted jet-setting to an undisclosed beach destination for some rest and relaxation. The supermodel mother shared a few precious moments from her mini-vacay with her little bundle of joy on her Instagram Story.

Sweet Snaps of Gigi and Khai’s Beach Vacation

Hadid and Khai were doing what all siblings should, share a good laugh. The viral photo showed both of them joyfully laughing on a boat ride. While the two were on their bonding trip, Hadid captioned the image with “A lil R&R with my bestie”.

The beach vacation wasn’t all fun and games, however. Hadid was also spotted feeding her daughter some snacks. Khai seemed to be enjoying her little snack, judging from the wide grin on her face. Hadid shared the sweet moment with her followers and captioned it with “Feeding my lil one.”

Khai’s Fun in the Sun

Hadid and Khai were also seen spending time on the beach having fun in the sun. Hadid was spotted taking a dip in the ocean with her little girl and her daughter had the biggest smile on her face. The fun didn’t end there as Hadid also showed her daughter how to build sandcastles on the beach, and they had a blast doing it!

Gigi and Khai Have Bonded During Quarantine

As both mom and daughter had some time to bond during their beach vacation away, it’s no surprise that they have become very close during quarantine. Hadid has been open in the past about how much she loves being a mother and how much fun she has with her daughter.

“I love the bond that Khai and I have built,” Hadid said in an interview. “It’s something that’s magical and gives me a deep sense of joy.”


It’s been a joy to witness Gigi and Khai’s bond grow stronger day by day. From beach trips to eating snacks together- it’s no wonder why the two have become so close during lockdown! We hope to see more of their funny and playful moments together in the future!

Gigi Hadid Enjoys the Sun and Sea with Daughter Khai

Gigi Hadid and her daughter Khai recently took a much-needed beach vacation in celebration of the new season. The supermodel shared a series of snaps from their getaway, captioned “a lil R&R”.

Khai’s First Beach Vacation

Hadid and her daughter Khai enjoyed the sun and sea, with their beautiful beach photoshoot attracting the likes of over nine million on Instagram. From Khai proudly showing off her sandcastles to Gigi and Zayn Malik’s daughter enjoying a snack in the sun, here are some highlights from the trip:

  • Khai Posing by the Sandcastles – This cute photo of Hadid and Khai by the sandcastles was one of the favorite shots from the beach trip. Khai is beaming as she proudly points towards her creations.
  • Making Memories at the Beach – This photo of Hadid and Khai enjoying a snack together is lovely. We can just tell the two are making a lot of memories together.
  • Little Gigi in a Bikini? – Hadid’s fans went wild when she shared this photo of Khai wearing a cute swimsuit. Fans were delighted to see Gigi’s mini-me looking so cute in her beach getup.

A Much-Needed Vacation for the Busy Mom

Hadid is known for her busy and hectic schedule, so it’s no surprise that she and baby Khai were able to enjoy some much-needed sunshine and relaxation. In an interview, Hadid says that the beach is the perfect place for her to get her mind off of work and simply relax.

Hadid also mentions that while it may just seem like a regular beach vacation, it was actually very important for her and Khai’s development. She believes that you can learn a lot about yourself and your family when you’re in an unfamiliar place.

We Hope They Had Fun!

Hadid and her daughter Khai are certainly lucky to have such beautiful trips together. We hope they had a great time and made lots of memories. It’s clear that Hadid is the right kind of mother for Khai, and we can’t wait to see what else the two get up to in the future!

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