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Gigi Hadid Shares Photos From Her Beach Vacation With Daughter Khai: “A Lil R&R”

Gigi Hadid Shares Photos From Her Beach Vacation With Daughter Khai: “A Lil R&R”

Gigi Hadid Shares Photos From Her Beach Vacation With Daughter Khai: “A Lil R&R”

Gigi Hadid is undoubtedly having a blast on vacation with her and Zayn Malik’s daughter Khai. The supermodel shared a handful of sweet snaps on Instagram of their beach getaway, and it’s clear their “Lil R&R” break is a much-needed one.

The post included four separate shots of Hadid and Khai spending quality time together. In the first series of photos, the proud mom posed alongside her 2-month-old, who was bundled up in a cozy blanket. The second and third shots showed Hadid embracing her daughter and rubbing her nose, while the final image was of the two of them lying on the beach. “A lil R&R,” Hadid wrote in the caption.

The photos, of course, flooded with positive comments from Hadid’s millions of Instagram followers. “Look how happy and content she looks,” one user wrote, while another added, “So precious, absolutely adorable.”

It’s been a few months since Hadid announced the birth of her daughter back in September. Since then, she has shared a few other snaps of her and Khai spending time together.

Overall, it’s safe to say that Hadid is loving her life as a new mom. Here’s hoping she plates some more precious moments for us in the near future!

Gigi Hadid’s Beach Vacation Photos

• Hadid shared a handful of sweet snaps of herself and daughter Khai.
• The photos show the proud mom embracing her 2-month-old daughter.
• Hadid has been enjoying her life as a mom since Khai’s birth in September. • Fans flooded the post with positive comments about the adorable photos. • Here’s hoping Hadid continues to share more precious moments of her and Khai together.

Gigi Hadid Shares Photos From Her Beach Vacation With Daughter Khai: “A Lil R&R”

Model Gigi Hadid and her baby girl have spent their vacation soothing their souls on the seashore. The beautiful mother-daughter duo have shared some memorable snaps from their time at the beach, labelled as “A lil R&R”.

Gigi posted few pictures from the beach escapade on her Instagram account, and captioned one of the posts “She’s already a beach bunny”. In the post, the mother-daughter are lounging together in a beach chair, with Gigi embracing baby Khai and kissing her head.

Gigi Hadid and her partner Zayn Malik’s first baby, Khai, was born in September 2020. The Gigi has gushed over her daughter in the November issue of Vogue, saying that she loves filling her daughter’s world with light and rainbows.

The supermodel has also shared some shots of her daughter’s experience at the beach which proved to be an exciting one. In one of the posts she said,

“Mama&Daughter adventures first beach day🐚 Khai loved the ocean and the sand- already a world traveler at 5 months old baby,”

Gigi Hadid’s beach holiday with Khai:

Gigi is making sure her daughter Khai experiences everything from the comfort of her parent’s arms. The model shared a series of pictures from the relaxed beach holiday that included some of the below experiences:

  • A Beach Cabana: Gigi and Khal in a cabana, playing and watching the waves.
  • Handmade Necklaces: Gigi was seen making her daughter a beautiful necklace using some seashells.
  • Snuggles in the sand: Gigi and Khai shared some moments of peace in a relaxing sand bed.
  • A Float: Gigi was seen helping Khai try out a floaty fun day at the beach.
  • Gigi’s promise to her daughter

    The beautiful mother has also shared her commitment to her daughter in one of her posts: “My commitment to my baby girl – to give her all the roots and wings she’ll need to live her best life”.

    It looks like the beautiful mother-daughter duo are already having the time of their life!


    Gigi Hadid and her daughter Khai recently enjoyed a beautiful beach holiday, which they documented with some amazing snaps. The supermodel is taking every chance to give her daughter some unforgettable memories. Gigi shared her commitment to provide her daughter the best, saying she wishes to give her the “roots and wings” she needs to have the best life

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