Aaron Judge Admits His Walk-Up Song Selection Process Annoys His Wife

Baseball Star Aaron Judge Admits His Walk-Up Song Selection Process Annoys His Wife

Baseball fans across the country may be familiar with New York Yankees star Aaron Judge, who has become one of the most exciting hitters in the game. However, outside of his time on the diamond, Judge has a different challenge that he’s working to overcome: his walk-up song selection process.

While fans may know Judge for his talent on the field, he recently revealed that his wife, Hannah, isn’t so fond of his music selection process. In a recent interview, Judge admitted that the process was “annoying” to her, noting that it is hard to find a good track that fits his style.

Judge’s walk-up songs have become a trademark of his time at the plate, with fans from all across the country enjoying his unique and energetic tunes. Despite the fact that his wife is less than thrilled about his selection process, it hasn’t affected Judge himself, who is always excited to be rocking out to his favorite tunes on the field.

So, what does the superstar slugger look for in a song?

Things to Look for in a Walk-Up Song

  • Uptempo: Judge looks for upbeat music that will get fans energized and ready to go.
  • Lyrical Content: Judge looks for music with positive messages that will help bring the crowd into his at-bats.
  • Memorable: Judge looks for songs that are fun and memorable, ensuring that fans will remember it after the game.

With the MLB season already underway, Judge has already started to search for songs that will fit into his criteria. When asked about his current favorite, Judge said he is a fan of ‘Crowd Chant’ by Joe Satriani, definitely an uptempo track that will get the stadium moving.

Judge’s career shows no signs of slowing down, and his fun loving attitude towards music and athletes is just one of the many reasons why fans from across the country love him. No matter what song he chooses next, fans can be sure that Judge will be rocking out and having a good time.

Aaron Judge’s Walk-Up Song Selection Process Annoys His Wife

Aaron Judge, the New York Yankees’ right fielder, admits that his walk-up song selection process is not necessarily one that his wife enjoys.

Judge is known for picking out his own walk-up songs, which generally include rap classics from the likes of the Notorious B.I.G., Tupac Shakur, Big Sean, and Kendrick Lamar.

When discussing the song selection process he goes through, Judge said “My wife gets annoyed from time to time, because I’m on my computer every day…trying to find the perfect walk-up song for that day.”

Judge’s Walk-Up Song Criteria

When selecting a walk-up song, Judge looks for certain criteria to fit the mood of the game:

  • Lyrics: Judge wants the lyrics of the song to reflect the competitiveness of the day;
  • Beat: When he steps up to the plate, Judge is looking for a beat to get him into the zone;
  • Vibe: The song needs to create a certain vibe in the stadium that will get the crowd excited;
  • Mood: Lastly, the song has to match his mood for the day;

Judge admits that his wife is “not a big rap fan”, and she can often be heard laughing from her seat when he picks a song that may not “make sense”.

Judge as a Person on and off the Field

Judge’s choice of music speaks to the kind of person he is. Not only does he consider the type of music he will put on for the fans and other players, but also his wife and family.

Judge said “I want the crowd to feel the emotion that the music is giving off, kind of like a message I’m sending to the pitcher…to say I’m ready, I’m coming. I just want to make sure I get people going, and get the energy in the stadium up.”

Judge puts a lot of thought and energy into his walk-up song selection to show the fans and other players how excited and ready he is. He is truly an all-around great guy, both on and off the field.

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