Aaron Judge Admits His Walk-Up-Song Selection Process Annoys His Wife

Aaron Judge Admits That His Walk-Up-Song Selection Process Annoys His Wife

Aaron Judge, an American professional baseball player for the New York Yankees of Major League Baseball (MLB), is well known for his unique walk-up-song selection. While his selections are always met with interest, even his wife isn’t a fan of the process.

During a recent interview, Judge admits that his wife is less than thrilled with his process to select the songs he will walk up to at the plate.

Judge’s Walk-Up-Song Selection Process

Judge takes his song selection process very seriously and changes them depending on how he feels. If he’s having a good day, he’ll pick a more upbeat song. If he’s feeling a little down, he’ll opt for something more mellow. He’s even been known to change songs in the middle of the season if he’s feeling a shift in his energy.

The unique part about his process is that he rarely talks about it with anyone, not even his wife. He stated in the interview, “Her opinion matters a lot, but it’s also something I just have to do for myself. And if it annoys her, that’s okay.”

Reaction From His Wife

Judge’s wife, Dani, wasn’t thrilled with his interview, but she loves and supports him regardless. She said, “No one said marriage was easy, but I’m sure as hell glad to have this man by my side. At least he’s pretty consistent with his walk-up-songs, no matter how often he changes them.”

She also commented on how his song selection affects her: “It’s always a bit of a surprise to hear what he’s chosen. Most of the time, I know it’s going to be good. But sometimes, I want to change it so badly, it drives me up the wall. But I love my husband, so I never say anything.”

Judge’s Walk-Up-Song Choices

Here are a few of the songs that Judge has chosen over the years as his walk-up-track:

  • Get Busy: Sean Paul for the 2006 season
  • Thunderstruck: AC/DC for the 2009 season
  • Take Me Out to the Ballgame: Jack Norworth, music by Albert Von Tilzer for the 2012 season
  • Mr. Brightside: The Killers for the 2014 season
  • Free Smoke: Drake for the 2017 season

Whether it annoys his wife or not, Judge’s unique take on choosing his walk-up-song sets him apart from the other players in the MLB and has become a signature part of his game.

Aaron Judge Admits His Walk-Up-Song Selection Process Annoys His Wife

Yankees slugger Aaron Judge recently revealed that his walk-up song selection process does not sit well with his wife.

Judge is well-known for his signature walk-up songs featuring hip-hop and rap tracks. As part of his game-day ritual, Judge tests off five or six of the songs throughout the season.

During an interview with San Francisco Giants’ analyst Amy Gutierrez, Judge opened up about his walk-up music and how his wife, Kayla Varner, feels about it.

Here’s what Judge had to say:

“My wife definitely hates it. I’ve tried to change it up a couple of times, but I haven’t found anything yet that I’m really vibing with. I get her input, and I sometimes give her a track, but she doesn’t really like too many rap songs. I change them up a lot. I’ve got a few different ones that I mix up. I’m trying to find that one special one that is going to be my lasting one.”

Reasons Why Judge’s Music Selection Process May Annoy His Wife:

  • Different Tastes in Music: rap and hip-hop are not necessarily to everyone’s taste, and his wife may not appreciate the genres.
  • Competition Between Songs: Judge tries out various tracks and gauges the reaction from the crowd. This may create the feeling that there is a competition between multiple songs in order to win the title of “Aaron’s signature walk-up song”.
  • Changing Tracks Too Often: because Judge is constantly switching songs, his wife may feel like he is failing to commit to one single track.

Despite the fact that his wife is not a fan of the song selection process, Judge remains committed to his game-day ritual – ongoing search for the perfect track.

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