Wynonna Judd Pays Tribute to Her Late Friend Lisa Marie Presley

Wynonna Judd Pays Tribute to Her Late Friend Lisa Marie Presley

It was with a heavy heart that Wynonna Judd paid tribute to her late friend, Lisa Marie Presley, on Sunday. Presley, the only daughter of Elvis and Priscilla Presley, died unexpectedly on Sunday at the age of 52.

In an emotional statement on her Instagram, Wynonna described her bond with Presley, who was the godmother to her son Elijah.

The Two Stars Have Been Friends For 27 Years

The two met and became fast friends in 1993 when they appeared together on the TV show Saturday Morning Live. Since then, they have kept a close friendship and have been there for each other through the highs and lows in their lives.

Wynonna Shares Her Final Memory with Lisa

In her statement, Wynonna recalled the final time they met when Presley showed her a picture of her son, Benjamin.

“I’ll never forget the twinkle in her eye when she handed me this photo of him,” she wrote. “My heart aches for Benjamin and the whole family.”

Wynonna Lauds Presley for her Extraordinary Life

Wynonna went on to praise Presley for the extraordinary life she led.

“Despite her herculean effort to stay healthy & her repeated exposure in the media she never lost her way,” she wrote. “Her kindness, honesty, & grace were as evident in our shared moments as they were in her spectacular talent.”

Wynonna Asks Fans to Remember Lisa

In closing, Wynonna asked her fans to celebrate Lisa’s life by remembering the extraordinary person she was.

“Let us pray for & celebrate the sheer beauty of Lisa Marie’s life & remember it for all the divine wonders it created. She was a daughter of an Icon & fit that role with extraordinary love & dignity,” Wynonna wrote.

Tributes from Other Friends and Family

Presley’s death has left many shocked and in mourning. Other stars of the music world, including Billy Idol and Ryan Adams have posted tributes on social media, while her brother, Navarone Garibaldi, posted a heartfelt tribute to his sister on his website.

The Legacy of Lisa Marie

Lisa Marie Presley was a remarkable woman who touched the lives of many people. She will be remembered for her strength, grace and kindness. Wynonna Judd’s tribute is a fitting reminder that the world will miss her dearly.

Ways to Remember Lisa Marie

To remember Lisa Marie Presley, Wynonna has asked fans to celebrate her life. Here are some suggestions on how to honor her:

  • Share stories about her
  • Listen to her music
  • Make a donation in her memory
  • Honor her by being kind and generous to others

Take a moment to remember her extraordinary life

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