We Can’t Get Enough of Hilary Duff’s Adorable Family — Meet Her Kids, Luca, Banks, and Mae

We Can’t Get Enough of Hilary Duff’s Adorable Family — Meet Her Kids, Luca, Banks, and Mae

Hilary Duff is not just a talented actress, singer, and entrepreneur, she is also a proud mother of three beautiful children. Her children, Luca Cruz, Banks Violet, and Mae James, are the light of her life. Here’s what we know about them.

Luca Cruz

Luca Cruz is Duff’s eldest child, and he is a shining star. His parents are Hilary Duff and her ex-husband, Mike Comrie. Luca was born on March 20, 2012 and he has grown up to be an incredibly well-mannered, kind, confident, and mature young man. He loves sports, specifically hockey, and can often be found playing hockey with his dad. He also enjoys cooking, travelling, and playing guitar.

Banks Violet

Banks Violet is Hilary’s daughter and the second child of hers. She was born on October 25, 2018 to Hilary and her fiance, Matthew Koma. Banks is a bundle of joy and loves to be held by her parents. She’s very affectionate and loves to giggle and make funny faces. She is also a great big sister to her younger brother and sister, and is always looking out for them.

Mae James

Mae James is Hilary’s youngest child, born on March 24, 2021. She already has an incredible bond with her siblings and loves when they are all together. Mae loves to explore, especially outdoors, and loves to be surrounded by nature. She loves animals and always has a smile on her face. She loves music and often joins in when her mom and dad sing and play music.


Hilary Duff has an amazing family and her kids are growing up to be truly remarkable individuals. We can’t get enough of their cuteness and Hilary’s posts about them. Her bond with her children is one that cannot be described in words and she is very lucky to have them in her life.

We wish them all the best for the future and look forward to seeing more of them very soon!

Hilary Duff’s Growing Family

Love her or loathe her, it’s impossible to argue that Hilary Duff is an amazing mom. Duff and her family have been melting hearts with their cuteness online. Here’s a look at Duff’s gorgeous family, including her three kids – Luca, Banks, and Mae.

Luca Cruz Comrie

Luca Cruz Comrie is the oldest. He’s a 9-year-old who loves soccer and is incredibly instrumental in helping Duff with her other kids

Banks Violet Bair

The middle child, Banks Violet Bair, “Banksy” as she is fondly called, is the ultimate example of cuteness overload. She’s just 18 months old, and her happy nature is enough to light up a room. She loves playing with her grandmother.

Mae James Bair

The youngest of Duff’s three kids is Mae James Bair. Mae was born in March 2018, making her barely one year old. She loves to hear music and dance, and she’s been stealing the show ever since she was born.

Duff is often seen taking her kids to different events, soccer games and family vacations.

Lifestyles the Family Leads

Hilary Duff tries her best to provide a well-rounded lifestyle for her kids, encouraging their creativity and their own personal growth. It’s obvious that Duff loves spending time with her kids, and they adore their mom.

The family follows a vegan lifestyle, except when traveling, and they recently moved to a sprawling $8.5 million mansion to give the kids more space. With the recent addition of a puppy and a guinea pig to their cozy family, Hilary Duff, her 3 kids and husband Matt Koma, are simply unmissable.

Duff and Koma’s Relationship

Hilary Duff and Matt Koma first started dating in 2017 and were married in 2019. Matt has been an incredible father and husband to the family, and his relationship with Hilary’s two older kids has been fabulous. He’s often seen joining in on family adventures.

The couple has also decided to start a charity in honor of their daughter Banks. They plan to focus their giving towards causes that are important to them, including child welfare, animal protection, and healthcare.

Snapshots of the Family on Social Media

Duff and Koma never miss a chance to post photos of their kids on social media. From adorable family shots to solo pictures of the kids, they have been continuously melting hearts with their posts, including ones that depict Luca playing soccer and Banksy being her happy self.

Duff recently posted pictures of her kids in an Easter dress-up photoshoot, and they look absolutely beautiful.


The world has seen Hilary Duff’s family grow and evolve over the years and their fans simply can’t get enough of their cuteness. Not only are Duff’s kids adorable, but her and her husband’s relationship serves as an example of how loving and supportive parents should be.

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