Vanessa Hudgens Reacts to Ex Austin Butler’s “Elvis” Accent on Instagram

Vanessa Hudgens Reacts to Ex Austin Butler’s “Elvis” Accent on Instagram

Recently, Vanessa Hudgens’s ex, Austin Butler, posted videos on Instagram showcasing his impressive Elvis Presley impression. When fans caught these videos, they swarmed Instagram with comments, even tagging Hudgens. It appears that she was fine with it and has responded to Austin on Instagram.

Hudgens Praises Butler’s Impression

On Thursday, October 29th, Vanessa Hudgens took to Instagram to give Austin Butler props on his impeccable Elvis impersonation. She shared a photo of him in costume, with a caption that reads:

“YEEEEESSSSSS. So unbelievably proud of my baby,”

The post has since received over 2 million likes from Hudgen’s fans, many of whom are die-hard Elvis fans as well.

Butler and Hudgens’ Relationship

Austin Butler and Vanessa Hudgens began dating in 2011 and were together until 2020. The couple even began working together on the Netflix series, The Princess Switch, in 2018. After Hudgens had been open about their split, Butler posted a loving tribute on the platform in August, stating:

“The most magical chapter of my life. I’ll always love you.”

What Does the Future Hold?

Everyone is curious to see what the future holds for Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler. While many had speculated that Butler’s tribute hinted at a reconciliation, Hudgens recently clarified that she and Austin were merely platonic friends. It seems that the two are past romantic involvement, but remain on friendly terms.

It is heart-warming to see how mutual respect and admiration between the two can hold such strength and positivity. We wish both Vanessa and Austin all the best!

Vanessa Hudgens Reacts to Ex Austin Butler’s Elvis Accent on Instagram

Vanessa Hudgens showed her support for ex-boyfriend Austin Butler’s new acting gig on social media. Butler is currently filming a biopic about Elvis Presley and was spotted on set in an eye-catching look.

On Sunday night, Hudgens took to Instagram to express her admiration for the actor and support for his new role.

“Sending all my love and support to my peroxide prince! You’re gonna be the greatest Elvis of all time,” she wrote, along with a picture of Butler in costume.

The train called Elvis hasn’t left the station yet, but it looks like the actor has already perfected the King’s famous accent.

Austin Butler was photographed yesterday doing his best Elvis impersonation on set. Fans couldn’t help but notice the impressive Southern drawl that the actor had adopted for the role.

Hudgens Praises Ex-Boyfriend

Vanessa Hudgens wasn’t shy to share her admiration for her ex-boyfriend’s performance. She posted a video of Butler in full costume along with the caption:

“Y’all better be ready, cuz mama elvis about to SLAY this!!!!! Go Austin!!! #kingelvis.”

The actor looked convincingly like the King of Rock and Roll, and his vocal styling certainly added to the transformation. Hudgens seemed to appreciate his dedication to the character as she showered him with praise and reassuring words.

Social Media Reactions

The couple’s supporters flocked to the post to share their own reactions to Butler’s convincing impression. Many were quick to praise the actor for his convincing voice and manner, claiming that it was the perfect Elvis accent.

Other social media users shared their own experiences with the couple, expressing their fond memories of the duo and their love for one another.

It looks like Butler was able to reignite the couple’s chemistry in his own special way. While his acting career could easily take off after this part, it’s clear that he still has the powerful support of his ex and that he has left a lasting impression on their relationship.

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