Teyana Taylor’s Whole Family Came to Support Her at the Sundance Film Festival

Teyana Taylor Was Supported by Her Whole Family at Sundance Film Festival

Teyana Taylor was surrounded by her loved ones at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival. The songstress was in Park City, Utah, to promote her lead role in the film The Seven, which follows a group of friends who return to their hometown to investigate a mysterious event.

The Harlem native brought her whole crew out to the festival, including her daughter Junie and husband Iman Shumpert. Teyana and Iman posed for photographers while holding hands and walking the red carpet. In addition to her family, the singer-actress was also supported by friends Rico Nasty and Normani.

Teyana Taylor’s Family Day Out

The whole family seemed to be having a great time. Little Junie stayed close to her mommy throughout the day and couldn’t hide her excitement. The camera-shy cutie even smiled for some pictures and stole the show! There was no shortage of hugs and kisses exchange between the two. Meanwhile, Iman couldn’t look away from Teyana, making us all swoon.

Support From Friends

Apart from her family, Teyana Taylor also had some endearing support from her friends. Rico Nasty and Normani showed up to celebrate the moment with their girlfriend. They all seemed to have a blast together, but bico Nasty in particular beamed when Teyana shared the screen with her. The Seven star had a great time and couldn’t stop smiling.

A Momentous Event

Teyana Taylor’s momentous event was shared by her whole family and friends. Junie and Iman looked especially proud of the singer-actress. Along with Rico Nasty and Normani, they all celebrated this milestone alongside the star.

As Teyana Taylor continues to take over Hollywood, we can rest assured that she’ll have a strong support system with her every step of the way. ”’

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Teyana Taylor was surrounded by her family and friends at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival to support her as she celebrated her lead role in the film The Seven. Her daughter Junie and husband Iman, as well as friends Rico Nasty and Normani, all showed their support and shared in her joyous moment. Together, they celebrated this significant milestone in her career.

Teyana Taylor’s Whole Family Comes to Support Her at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival

Despite her family being spread across the United States, Teyana Taylor’s entire family came out to support her at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival. She was there premiering her directorial debut of the short film “We Got Love.”

Brand New Pioneer

The family support was for more than just Teyana’s short film debut. She is also the first female of color chosen to be a part of the Adidas Originals’ Brand New Pioneers program. With this prestigious recognition, Teyana Taylor is taking her career to a whole new level.

The Power of Family

Teyana Taylor was a tremendous success at the Sundance Film Festival. But, her true family power showed during the after party when her entire family showed up to display their support. Her sister, stepfather, mother and nephew were just a few of the family members who made the long trip to be with her.

A Visual Celebration

The entire family was there for a visual celebration for Teyana Taylor, who was dressed in a stunning red carpet ensemble. The wide array of love and support from her family filled the entire room. It was a beautiful sight to see.

Teyana Taylor’s Accomplishments

Teyana Taylor is a shining example of what hard work and dedication can produce. She’s an accomplished singer, dancer, fashion designer, actress, and now a director. She has truly broken the mold for female entertainers. And her family was there to support her for every step of the way.

Wrapping Up

Seeing the entire family come out to support this momentous occasion for Teyana Taylor was very inspirational. It’s a reminder of the great power that family can have in helping support and encourage our dreams. No matter where life takes them, her family will always be there for her.

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