Tabitha Brown Reflects on 20-Year Marriage to Her “Best Friend,” Chance: “I Gotta Tell the Truth”

Tabitha Brown Reflects on 20-Year Marriage to Her “Best Friend,” Chance: “I Gotta Tell the Truth”

Popular vegan influencer Tabitha Brown recently revealed on social media that she and her husband Chance have been married for 20 years. Though her followers have seen snippets from their relationship in her videos, Brown admits that she had never actually discussed the reason for their lengthy union.

How They Met

Brown first encountered Chance in their hometown of Elizabeth City, North Carolina when she was just 15. She recalls the riveting introduction, joking about how surprised she was for their first encounter to take place at a watermelon seed spitting contest. When asked about their first meeting, Brown says,

“He didn’t spit very far but he was the cutest thing I had ever seen!”

The two started casually dating, but Brown’s mother didn’t approve of them as a couple, so Chance left home in attempt to better his life. Little did he know that Brown had aspirations of her own.

Making It Happen

Brown and Chance remained in contact through the years, and Brown eventually made it to the Big Apple. From there, Brown decided to expand her horizon and auditioned for a cruise ship entertainment job that eventually took her to the west coast. Her mother, who feared she may never see her daughter again, asked her to “come home”. And she did.

When Chance saw Brown back in his hometown—well, sparks flew. The two got into a serious relationship, and eventually, Brown and Chance tied the knot.

Sharing Their Love

In a recent Instagram post, Brown said the following about her relationship her and her husband Chance:

“We have an unbreakable bond, and we are the most honest with each other. I gotta tell the truth and so does he, and that’s why our marriage has lasted as long as it has. He’s my best friend.”

The two are proud parents of four children, three of whom they raised together.

Brown is eternally grateful for her long-lasting union with Chance, and hopes to continue being an inspiration to others to strive for meaningful, honest and real relationships.

Honesty and Love Last

Tabitha Brown’s uplifting story of true love is an example that relationships, when fueled with commitment, can last for many years. Brown and Chance have been together for two decades and counting; proving to the world the beauty of honesty and love that can withstand the test of time.

Tabitha Brown Reflects on 20-Year Marriage to Her “Best Friend,” Chance: “I Gotta Tell the Truth”

Tabitha Brown and her husband Chance Brown celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary on May 8th, and Tabitha took to social media to reflect on the special milestone.

“It’s been 20 years today since I said ‘I do’ to my best friend and he said ‘I do’ to me,” she wrote. “Chance and I have been together now for 21 years since we met in college and he remains my best friend. I gotta tell the truth…this marriage life don’t be easy but it sure is rewarding!!!”

Tabitha and Chance are one of the happiest married couples in the entertainment industry and their relationship has been an inspiration to many. Here are 4 things you may not have known about the couple’s 20-year marriage:

1. Chance was Tabitha’s first love

Tabitha and Chance first met while they were both attending Hampton University in Virginia and Chance was Tabitha’s first love. Tabitha recently reflected on their meeting in an Instagram post, saying that she was “so afraid of love,” but Chance showed her what it was like.

2. They renew their vows yearly

The couple renews their vows every year in order to keep their marriage fresh and ensure that each partner remembers how special their love is.

3. They openly discuss their marriage

Tabitha and Chance don’t shy away from talking about their marriage in public. They often open up about their relationship in interviews and on social media, and are dedicated to helping others learn from their experiences.

4. They work together

Tabitha and Chance both work together, although in different capacities. Tabitha is an actress and singer while Chance runs a catering and personal chef business.

Tabitha and Chance’s 20-year marriage is an inspiration to many, and we’re sure that the couple will continue to be positive role models for years to come!

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