Shailene Woodley Alludes to Aaron Rodgers Breakup as the “Darkest, Hardest Time” in Her Life

Shailene Woodley Alludes to Aaron Rodgers Breakup as the “Darkest, Hardest Time” in Her Life

Shailene Woodley recently opened up about the recent split between her and Green Bay Packers quarterback, Aaron Rodgers. In a raw and honest interview, the Big Little Lies star shared that the breakup has been “the darkest, hardest time” of her life.

What Shailene Woodley Had to Say

In her WSJ Magazine interview, Woodley was well-spoken and candid as she discussed her emotions surrounding the breakup. She revealed that, ever since the parting of ways, she’s actively been doing self-healing exercises and yoga to “navigate [her] pain”. Woodley shared that she has put a lot of focus on her internal self-growth and healing, but is also “embracing the tremendous beauty of change” that this situation has put her through.

The actor also mentioned how quickly relationships can transform and how two people can come together seemingly in an instant, but it’s “not always a smooth ride”. She concluded her remarks on the subject by stating that her authentic self must come first and that no matter how much someone loves someone, “you must make decisions that serve the bigger picture of your life”.

Why the Split is a Blessing in Disguise

Despite the hurt she is presently feeling, Woodley does recognize how this breakup has potentially put her in a better place for her future. She shared that the parting of ways has allowed her to focus on herself, which is a valuable lesson she couldn’t have learned had she not gone through the experience. She has realized the importance of staying true to her authentic self and not letting her identity become reliant on someone else.

Woodley also touched on the notion that splitting up is not always a bad thing. Even though breakups are often seen as negative experiences, it often means that two people have grown to the point where their mutual paths have to diverge. Even if it hurts very much in the present, it’s important to acknowledge the growth each party has experienced during the journey.

How to Cope With a Tough Breakup

Breaking up with a significant other can bring on a myriad of emotions, but it’s important to remember that it can ultimately be an opportunity to reflect and take stock in yourself. Here are a few tips to help cope with a tough breakup:

  • Allow yourself to fully experience the emotions and don’t be afraid to grieve.
  • Allow yourself to take time out for self-care and self-reflection.
  • Don’t be afraid to lean on and talk to close friends or family members throughout the process.
  • Focus on your own personal growth and development while going through the breakup.
  • Do not resort to any unhealthy coping mechanisms like substance abuse.

Shailene Woodley has admirably remained focused on her own personal growth and self-discovery even during this difficult time. Even though the breakup has been a “darkest, hardest time” of her life, she is not allowing it to break her spirit.

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