Rita Ora Addresses Viral PDA Photos With Taika Waititi and Tessa Thompson

Rita Ora Addresses Viral PDA Photos With Taika Waititi and Tessa Thompson

Rita Ora has addressed released photographs of her seemingly engaging in a kissing session with cocreator, actor Taika Waititi and actor Tessa Thompson, on Wednesday night June (9th).

The Photographs

The photographs that were shared showed the trio having dinner out in California. One particular picture showed the trio in an extremely close hug while they bent down to tie their shoes. Another photo showed Thompson and Waititi locked in an embrace, however Ora’s face was unclear in the second picture.

Rita Addresses The Incident On Social Media

Rita Ora spoke about the incident in an extremely honest post on Instagram, addressing the photographs saying:

“Hey guys! I just wanted to come on here and clear the air. The pictures that were taken of us were on a night out amongst friends, and doesn’t reflect what it looks like.”

Ora continued by explaining how she is close friends with Thompson and Waititi:

“Tessa and I have been really close friends for an extremely long time, we share so many common interests, and we love to hang out.”

“Taika and I have recently become really close friends over the past few months and we were a trio on a night out. To be absolutely clear, we’re just close friends.”

The star made it clear that their relationship is platonic, but didn’t shy away from sharing her respect and admiration for both stars,by going as far as saying “They are both incredible and brilliant people and I’m so lucky that I get to know them both and call them friends.”

Things To Note:

  • Everyone involved is single – Ora, Waititi and Thompson are all currently single and nothing about the photographs suggests any indiscretion.
  • The pictures do not reflect their relationship – Ora wants the world to know that the pictures don’t accurately represent their platonic relationship.
  • The trio are all close friends – Ora believes that she is lucky to have such supportive and close friends in Thompson and Waititi.

Rita Ora Addresses Her Viral PDA Photos With Taika Waititi and Tessa Thompson

Rita Ora has made it clear: her relationship with her co-stars Taika Waititi and Tessa Thompson was strictly platonic.

The British singer was recently spotted out and about with the Thor: Ragnarok cast, leading to speculation that there was something romantic going on between them.

However, Rita cleared the air in a statement, saying:

“I’ve known Tessa and Taika for many years, long before Thor. We had a wonderful day hanging out, catching up, and chatting about our shared passions and projects. I was so excited to catch up with two dear friends I haven’t seen in a while!”

What The Photos Revealed

The paparazzi pictures that went viral on the internet showed Rita and Taika embracing in a romantic way. It also showed Tessa, who is openly bisexual, leaning into the singer for a warm hug.

The trio reportedly sparked rumors after they were spotted having dinner together in New Zealand last week.

Rita’s Prior Relationships Status

Rita previously dated X-Men actor Nicholas Hoult in 2012, and was linked to DJ Calvin Harris in 2014.

She was last known to be in a relationship with music producer Andrew Watt between 2015 and 2017, who she has collaborated with on her past hit single “Girls.”

What We Know Now

Now that Rita has cleared the air, there can be no doubt about the fact that she is just good friends with Taika and Tessa.

The trio probably has plenty of fun stories to tell, and here’s what fans can take away from the situation:

  • Friendships can be just as meaningful as romantic relationships. It’s great that Rita is good friends with Taika and Tessa and they openly shared their friendship with the world.
  • Paparazzi photos can lead to misunderstanding. Fans thought the trio were romantically involved, but it was all just a misunderstanding.
  • Celebrities are human too. Rita’s statement shows that celebrity friendships can be just as genuine and heartfelt as any other type of relationship.

At the end of the day, it’s always best to take everything with a grain of salt and never believe everything you see on the internet.

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