Keke Palmer Celebrates Boyfriend Darius Jackson’s Birthday: “The Love Is So Sacred”

Keke Palmer Celebrates Boyfriend Darius Jackson’s Birthday: “The Love Is So Sacred”

Keke Palmer recently shared an adorable post to wish her boyfriend Darius Jackson a happy 24th birthday. The singer/actor said the date was “special” because it’s the day her “love” was born, adding that the love they have is so “sacred.”

Celebrity Lovebirds

Palmer and Jackson first went public with their relationship earlier this year. Since then, fans have been loving their relationship and seem increasingly interested in their romantic moments together β€” and it appears Jackson’s birthday is no different.

PDA-Filled Post

On Jackson’s special day, Palmer could not help but take to Instagram to share a heartfelt message for her boyfriend.

” Happy Birthday to my love @dariusjackson_ !!,” she wrote. “This day is special because it’s the day you were born, the day that created our love and the chance to share and experience something so sacred and so divine. “

Palmer went on to declare her love for Jackson and state that she hopes that she can make his day as special as she can. She posed with him in the photo, adding some PDA.

The Sweetest Words

The couple has continued to make fans smile this year with their sweet displays of affection. Palmer and Jackson have even spent time virtually with each other while they have been apart due to quarantine.

The actor clearly loves her beau, as she made sure to pour out her emotions for him on his birthday.

“You bring me joy and I hope this day brings you everything you need and more, baby,” Palmer concluded. ” I love you so much and appreciate you for being the best kind of loving.”

Palmer finished her post with a heart emoji, as fans shared in her sentiment.

Keke Palmer Celebrates Boyfriend Darius Jackson’s Birthday: “The Love Is So Sacred”

Keke Palmer is gushing over her boyfriend, Darius Jackson on his birthday. The actress/singer took to Instagram to share a special post to honor him.

Celebrating With An Adorable Throwback

On Tuesday, June 8th, Palmer shared a cute throwback photo of the pair when they first started dating. Along with the photo, she wrote a heartfelt caption expressing her love for him.

She wrote:

“Happy Birthday @Dariusjackson_ I love you so much, the love us so sacred. For my fans, here’s a look back at a photo we took way back of us when we first started dating. You make me smile, laugh and I’m grateful that you not only make me happy but others as well. Love your heart. God Bless You My Love 🀎.”

Response to Her Sweet Post

Many people responded to her post, including Jackson. He wrote back, β€œThank You @keke 😩😩😘 ..I love you too baby & Im grateful for you. Always have n Always will 🀎.”

The Couple Have Been Together Since Last Summer

Palmer and Jackson have been dating since last summer. The two were spotted out at dinner and quickly rumors started circulating that they were an item. Since then, they have both taken to social media to publicly post and express their love for each other.

Palmer even let Jackson dye her hair the most amazing shade of blue, which she has been wearing proudly ever since. The two continue to express their adoration for each other, and they are proud to show it off to the world.

A Relationship That Is Unique and Precious

The relationship between Palmer and Jackson is truly unique and special. It’s something that is truly precious and a reminder of how strong and resilient love can be. We wish them nothing but happiness and a lifetime of joy.

Happy Birthday Darius!

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