Jeremy Renner Says His “30 Plus Broken Bones Will Mend” in Health Update

Jeremy Renner Says His “30 Plus Broken Bones Will Mend” in Health Update

The talented actor, Jeremy Renner, recently gave fans a health update on his website. In a post, Renner revealed he has suffered over 30 broken bones while doing stunts during his career.

Renner wrote: “Throughout my career I have obtained multiple fractures and broken bones while performing stunts. I have now tallied 30 plus broken bones!”

Stuntman Training

Renner has trained for years with many talent stunt /fight coordinators to get him prepared for his stunts. He has gone through thorough training for all his fight scenes so he can safely perform them without getting injured.

Past Injuries

Renner is no stranger to injury. He has dealt with many over the years, from broken bones to sprains and strains. Renner has even had an ACL reconstruction. Despite these injuries, Renner has been remarkably resilient and continues to perform his own stunts.

Health Update

In the recent post on his website, he reassured fans that:

  • All the broken bones will mend
  • He is staying active and fit while recuperating
  • He remains positive and excited to take on new projects

Renner’s fans are relieved to see that he will eventually make a full recovery. His strength and determination is an inspiration to many. We are looking forward to seeing him back on the big screen soon!

Jeremy Renner Update On Health

Jeremy Renner, the star of multiple blockbusters such as The Avengers, recently gave an update on his health.

Renner took to Instagram and explained that he has “had surgery to almost all the broken bones and manage the issues that come with it”. He says he is “healing and progressing”, and admits that it’s “been a long difficult road and journey”, but he is “not done” yet. Renner explained that while there were “over 30 plus broken bones”, they “will mend”.

Issues Surrounding Broken Bones

Beyond broken bones, Renner has suffered other issues due to his injuries. His post details that there were “nerve and tendon damages”, as well as “many other issues”. He goes on to thank his healthcare team for their support.

Renner acknowledged that there were “ups and downs” and admits that “it’s been an interesting ride”. He thanked his family and friends for their support during this time.

Long Road to Recovery Ahead

Renner concluded his post by informing his fans that he “will never surrender” and will keep posting updates of his recovery journey.

Renner’s fans are now looking forward to his road to recovery and offered their supportive messages in the comments.

What to Expect From the Recovery Process

To better understand the recovery process of 30 plus broken bones, here are some of the potential issues that may arise

  • Pain: Depending on the type and degree of break, the pain can last a few weeks to several months
  • Numbness: Numbness in the affected area can occur due to nerve damage
  • Decreased mobility: The affected area may not be able to move in the same way as before
  • Surgery: In some cases, surgery may be necessary to put the bones back into place
  • Physical Therapy: Physical therapy is often recommended to help restore range of motion and strength

All in all, Renner is fortunate to have his wellness team and supportive fans by his side. We can only hope that his recovery will be a smooth and successful one.

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