“BMF” Star and NFL Player Chester Rogers on Balancing Acting and Football: “I Like a Challenge”

Chester Rogers On Balancing Football and Acting

NFL wide receiver, Chester Rogers, better known for playing Julian Corbin on the new hit show BMF, knows how to balance his time between the camera and the football field. To him, playing the lead role on the show while continuing his football career is the ultimate challenge, and Chester is ecstatic to take on the challenge.

Sports and Acting is Not a New Combination For Chester Rothers

Chester Rogers has been performing plays and musicals since his high school days. He was part of an intense performing arts program in high school, and it’s not a shock that he decided to take on a career in performing arts. While balancing sports and performing arts has always been part of his life, so were the struggles of reaching the top.

The Challenge is Just What Rogers Needs

He has no doubts that his love for his current career path will make him successful in both. After all, he’s been able to juggle a full-time job and many classes all while being a professional NFL player. So, taking on the lead role on BMF while still playing sports isn’t a surprise to anyone who knows him.

In his own words, “I like a challenge and I think it’s so important to strive for something bigger than yourself. Being on ‘BMF’ as one of the leads is that challenge for me, and yeah, it’s a huge challenge! But, I’m really excited about it. I think it’s important to keep pushing yourself and not be comfortable. I’m looking forward to see what I can do!”

Encouraging Words From His Collegues

Chester isn’t alone in his efforts. As he continues to prioritize both his sports and acting career, he’s receiving a lot of support from both his teammates and colleagues. His team mate and friend Nate Burleson highlighted the importance of having a career and a passion outside of football, and encouraged others to follow his example.

Other actors and actresses on the set of BMF applaud Chester for committing to both his passion and profession and balancing them perfectly. They share the same sentiment about working hard for something greater than yourself and are inspired by him.

Rogers Knows How to Balance Football and Acting

With his passion for both football and acting, Chester Rogers knows how to balance them perfectly. He is inspired by the challenge of balancing his profession and passion, and with the support from both his football and acting colleagues, he will continue to be successful in whatever he puts his mind to.

With Witty Quote From Chester Rogers:

“Sometimes you have to do something that is uncomfortable in order to grow and be great.” – Chester Rogers

Chester Rogers: Balancing Acting and Football

Chester Rogers is an NFL player by profession, and recently took on the role of aspiring rapper ‘Money Mak’ in the new hit series, BMF. Not an easy task, Rogers had to learn how to balance football and acting, and adapt to the new challenges of the entertainment industry.

Interest in Acting

Chester Rogers says he has always had an interest in the performing arts. While it might seem difficult to balance two such activities, Rogers believes that it can be done. When asked how he manages to work in both fields, he says: “It takes a lot of hard work and dedication, but it is worth it. I like a challenge.”

Football First

However, Rogers is quick to point out that football is still his priority. When filming for BMF, he has to take a break from his NFL team and make sure he gets enough rest and sleep. He also has to stay in shape, and make sure that his performance on the field does not suffer.

Hard Work Pays Off

It has been a lot of hard work for Rogers, but he is seeing the fruits of his labor. He has been praised for his acting, and also been praised for his performance in football. When asked if he plans to continue doing both in the future, he says, “Absolutely! I think it’s important to always challenge myself, and I’m excited to see what opportunities come next.”

So, it seems that the balancing act of Chester Rogers is paying off, and he is inspiring others to do the same. He is surely one to watch, both on the field and on the stage.

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