32 Stars Close to EGOT Status

32 Stars Close to EGOT Status

The EGOT is among the most prestigious accolades that actors, musicians and other creative types can receive. It stands for the four major entertainment awards: Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony.

Throughout the years, only 16 people have completed becoming an EGOT, but there are some remarkably close.

John Legend

The multi-talented singer-songwriter John Legend is just an Oscar away from becoming an EGOT. For now, he already possesses a Tony, a Grammy and 10 Emmy awards. The sooner he wins an Oscar, the faster he can receive the much-coveted EGOT status.

Whoopi Goldberg

Apart from being an imperious host of television show The View, Whoopi Goldberg is also just a choice away from being an EGOT. She has won an Academy Award, a Grammy and nine Tony awards. All that remains is for her to complete her award checklist with a prestigious Emmy award.

Tim Rice

Elton John’s over-the-top lyricist and songwriter, Tim Rice, is lacking only a Grammy. He has two Oscars, three Brits, a Tony and a Daytime Emmy. He is often mentioned as being close to achieving the EGOT status.

Others Close to EGOT Status

Apart from the stars mentioned above, there are some other noteworthy figures:

  • Cyndi Lauper – Emmy, Grammy, Tony, only lacking an Oscar
  • Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber – Emmy, Grammy, Tony, only lacking an Oscar
  • Alan Menken – Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, only lacking a Tony
  • Stephen Sondheim – Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, only lacking a Tony

These 32 stars only need one award each to attain the revered EGOT status. Given their respective talents and the support from their fans, it should only be a matter of time until they clinch that final award.

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