10 most beautiful African female celebrities

10 most beautiful African female celebrities
Women from Africa they say, are beautiful. Some people say their beauty is exotic and even mysterious. But certainly unique. However, when it comes to the most beautiful African female celebrities, then the best way to describe them is hot! 
And the 10 gorgeous and talented ladies here are a the perfect specimens of great beauty and unwavering sex appeal.
Without a doubt, Africa produces a curious and exciting mix of stunning women. These dazzling ladies  carry themselves with a admirable grace that speaks of their special heritage. 
Now,  who are the most beautiful female celebs from Africa? And in the world today?
In case you didn’t know it,  some of the world’s most exceptionally good looking women are from the Continent of Africa. Untainted glamour, raw beauty, raw talent and exceptional poise make some of the women on our list stand out. Their accomplishments in their individual fields also add to their aura of girl power, with a distracting dash of beauty you can hardly take your eyes away from. 
The following are 10 women all have two things in common: remarkable looks and outstanding achievement. Beauty and brains in every sense of the words. 
Meet the 10 most beautiful female stars from the African continent. Ebony or light skinned—they are all really hot!

Top 10 most beautiful female celebrities from Africa

10. Leila Lopes

Most beautiful African female celebrities
Country —Angola
Leila Luliana da Costa Vieira Lopes Umenyiora is a popular Angolan actress of astonishing beauty. The smooth skinned 33 year old is also a television personality were she hosts a show, as well as a model. Some years ago Lopes who lives in the UK was thrust into the public eye after she won Miss Angola UK beauty pageant in 2010. She went on to win the Miss Angola pageant and represented her country in Miss Universe the following year. She won the Miss Universe pageant for 2011.
9. Nadia Buhari
Nadia Buhari most beautiful African women
The Lovely Nadia Buhari is a Ghanian Born American actress of great popularity, pedigree and beauty. The 36 year old, publicly shy Buhari is a two time Africa Movie Academy awards Nominee. Her luminous smile, luminescent skin and hypnotic eyes are all part of a beautiful package that also includes an apealing curvaceous figure.
8. Lorraine Van Wyk
 most beautiful African female celebrities
Country—South Africa.
Model and Social media personality. Former Sports Illustrated Model Lorraine Van Wyk is a South African celeb with the loveliest hair and most stunning eyes you have ever seen. She is 38 years old.
7. Azie Tesfai
Azie Tesfai Hot African women

Country- Ethiopia

Born in Los Angeles California, by Ethiopian Immigrant parents, Azie Tesfai is an American Film and television actress. She has appeared in several movies and TV series over the years, but she is most known for her roles in hit shows , Jane The Virgin and Supergirl.
6. Lupita N’yongo
Place of birth—Mexico.
The multi talented Lupita N’yongo is a Kenyan-Mexican actress, Model, Film director and producer.  The 36 year old has a fresh and exotic beauty that hits you like a hammer everytime you see her.  Born in Mexico City and raised in Kenya,  Lupita became the first Kenyan or Mexican to Win an Academy award when she took home the 2013 Oscar for best supporting actress for her role in 12 years a slave. The dazzling ebony skinned beauty was named 2014 most beautiful person by PEOPLE.  and she just happens to be ranked number 6 on the list of most beautiful African female celebrities.

5. Michelle Van der Water

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Michelle Van der Water beautiful African women
Country—South Africa.
This striking lady Michelle Van Der Water hails from Cape Town South Africa. She studied in Australia and ended up acting in Hollywood. She has appeared in several Television series like Castle, NCIS: Los Angeles, Melrose place and many more.

4.  Genevieve Nnaji
Beautiful African women Genevieve Nnaji
Legendary Nigerian Actress, model,singer, and movie director Genevieve Nnaji is one of the most beautiful Actresses in Africa, and has been so for over a decade. Her ever growing, flawless beauty has been an inspiration to so many around the world. Her directoral debut Lion Heart was shortlisted for best foreign language film at the 2019 Academy awards. She has also starred in many hit films in her native Nigeria’s Nollywood movie industry.

3. Omotola Jalade
Beautiful black women Omotola Jalade


Country —Nigeria. 
From UK to Europe, and to Africa and her Country Nigeria, Omotola Jalade has spun a web of intrigue over her numerous fans, who fondly call her by the nickname  Omosexy.
Shockingly, the curvaceous bombshell is a mother of  four. But she’ll have to tell you for you to believe it. A veteran of almost a hundred Nollywood films, the lovely Omotola is a stunningly beautiful screen Icon.
2. Freema Agyeman 
Hot Ghanian Actress Freema Agyeman
Country—Ghana. Place of birth— London England.
Freema Agyema is a British born Ghanian Actress. singer and model. The 40 year old is mostly known for her roles in popular BBC series Doctor Who and Torchwood, where she plays Martha Jones.
1. Fatima Siad
 Fatima Siad Most beautiful African female celebrities
County —Somalia

The 32 year old Fatima Siad, is a gorgeous fashion model who is of Ethiopian- Somali origin. With humble and even traumatic beginnings, Fatima Lost two of her sisters during the Somali civil war when she was just 13 years old. She fled the war torn country with her mother to the united states. At first in her new country she lived a low key life as she suffered from low self esteem. But as time passed and she got older, her confidence grew as she simultaneously blossomed into an astonishing beauty.  After her education, she became a prominent, sought after fashion model, and is currently signed to some of the best modelling agencies in US and Europe.

Do you Feel refreshed or out of breath after checking out the most beautiful African female celebrities?  Don’t worry you’re not alone —it happens to the lot of us. African women are hot—And you’be just seen the hottest of them all!
But I bet you have a few suggestions about who else should be on the list(and who shouldn’t). Let me know in the comments section below. I may have missed one or two gorgeous African stars that you know about.

Recap of  Hottest female African celebrities.

  1. Fatima Siad
  2. Freema Agyema 
  3. Omotola Jalade
  4. Genevieve Nnaji
  5. Michelle Van der Water
  6. Lupita N’yongo
  7. Azie Tesfai
  8. Lorraine Van Wyk
  9. Nadia Buhari
  10. Leila Lopes
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