10 hottest male celebrities of all time

10 hottest male celebrities of all time
Without a doubt these men are the hottest male celebrities of all time. All through history we have known many male celebrities whose beauty could melt snow. Hot men who dazzled us to the bone with their remarkable looks and captivated us with their hunky appeal. Although there have been several of these beautiful men over the years, still their kind of hottness is a thing so rare it sets them apart from others. 

From actors and singers to models, popular public figures and much more, these stars came into our lives and graced us with their great talent and uniquely beautiful bodies.  And we are so glad they did.  On CelebStorm I have put together a breathtaking top 10 list of the  most handsome male celebs in history.

For very good reason, it was a tough list to put together, and not for a lack of qualified candidates, but because of the abundance of hot male stars who seemed like they all belonged to the number one spot on this list.  It was not the easiest thing in the world to grade these stunning men and squeeze them all into a top 10 list. But I did—and the list turned out incredible. 
 Well brace yourselves. Here are the 10 hottest men in history;

Top 10 most attractive  male celebrities of all time 

10. Tyson Beckford
Hottest male celebrities of all time Tyson Beckford

This male model and Actor is one of the most recognized faces in the world of modeling, and one of the most sought after too.  He models both Apparel and fragrances for Ralph Lauren and has often graced the covers of several top magazines including Vogue, Men’s health and GQ. A curious and beautiful mix of Jamaican and Chinese produced this spectacular male. Terrific eyes,  great skin and an amazing body sets Beckford apart from the rest of us mere mortals.


9. Marlon Brando 

Hottest male celebrities ever Marlon Brando

This late legendary Hollywood actor is the strikingly handsome star is reputed to have brought a depth and aura to movies never before seen. Marlon Brando was one seriously great actor and one extremely good looking one too. He was a popular symbol of male good looks during his era and would have been one in any era for that matter, for his good looks cut across generations. A complete package, he also happened to be one of the best actors ever. 


8. George Clooney 

George Clooney hot male celebrities

Most people will hope to look this good when they’re in their 40s. This gorgeous Oscar winning Hollywood Actor is in his 50s and still as stunning as ever. From his television days on hospital drama ER until now, he just seems to get hotter every year. The silver haired hunk is a perpetually great looking person and his infectious smile is one for dreams. 


7. Paul Newman

Hottest men ever Paul Newman

Before there was Clooney,  there Paul Newman. He was the American screen legend whose unforgettable beautiful blond hair, chiselled features, and dazzling blue eyes kept us transfixed for years. An incredible actor with many iconic film roles to his name, Newman was one of the most beautiful men in history. In color or black and white, or in the flesh,  he looked breathtaking.


6. Brad Pitt 

Actor Brad Pitt hottest male celebrities

If he smiles one more time the sun might just hide itself in shame. There has never been any debate about it—Brad Pitt is one of the sexiest male celebrities of all time. Certainly one of  best looking to ever walk the earth. 
We were so glad when this stunning American actor stepped into the entertainment scene in the 90s movie Thelma and Louise. Ever since then, he has metamorphosed into one of the most handsome actors today. And  we have been acutely and constantly aware of just how beautiful Mr.  Brad Pitt truly is. 


5. Denzel Washington

World's Hottest male celebrities Denzel Washington

The Denzel Washington look has become a term used to describe amazing male beauty. A true compliment. The talented American actor and two time Oscar winner is still looking fresh and handsome even though he is now over the age of sixty. 


4. David Beckham 

Hottest male celebrities David Beckham

Former England, Manchester United and Real Madrid footballer David Beckham is a real stunner who holds the uncommon distinction of being called the world’s sexiest man on more occasions than most other celebs. And he carries it all with an outstanding poise you just have to admire. Became is a male model’s and inspiration. I mean the man looks great in anything he wears. 


3.  Leonardo DiCaprio 

Leonardo DiCaprio hottest men

Academy award winning American actor DiCaprio has been flaming up our screens with his boyish good looks for almost 3 decades. Even when he was a child star, it was obvious he was a hunk in the making. He certainly grew into one incredible looking man. And now in his mid 40s he still has that special look and aura that endeared him to millions of fans for years. 

2. James Dean
James Dean hottest male celebrities

The original irresistible big screen bad boy who burned so bright during his short life. Dean was a dreamy hunk who will forever remain young in our hearts. Sadly he died suddenly in a car crash aged just 24 back in 1955 , after starring in only three Hollywood movies. Dean is still a marvel and celebrated male symbol decades after his death. 


1. Elvis Presley 

Elvis Presley hottest male celebrities of all time

From the 50s to the 70s, and right up until his untimely death, ‘The King’ Elvis Aaron Presley held the world spell bound with his beauty and talent. Never before had the world seen such a perfectly packaged entertainer. He was a dreamy hunk of unequaled looks and entertainment power. His perfectly coifed hair, flawless skin, and deep sexy voice was just part of that hypnotic package. And let’s not forget those scandalous dance moves that changed the face of entertainment forever.

What do you think Celeb stormers? It looks like this list is burning a hole through our screens. These men are indeed some of the hottest  male celebs ever to have walked the earth. 
These hunks truly shine with a rare kind sex appeal that never seems to fade from our conciousness even when they are gone. Strangely the above list is made up of living and dead celebrities, some dating back as far back as seven decades!  This shows how enduringy gorgeous these beautiful men were. 

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