10 Craziest Celebrity rumours of all time

10 Craziest Celebrity rumours of all time

Celebrities are the perfect candidates for news,  gossip and rumours. A single celeb can provide more scandal in a single month than most people can generation a lifetime. For a fact, some really bizzare things often occur in the lives of these larger than life stars. But in the course of history, some serious fabrication of events have led us to come up with this incredible list. The following are the 10 craziest celebrity rumours ever. Believe me it doesn’t get any crazier than this. 

 One thing I need to tell you is this: Some of these stories are almost too bizzare to be actually true. But some say when there’s smoke, there’s fire.  Judge for yourself. How gullible are you?  Here we go! 

10 craziest celebrity conspiracy theories

1. Tupac is still alive
Craziest celebrity rumours

This rumour/wishful thinking is one of the most enduring ones in the entertainment world. According to the legend,  the famed rapper faked his own death when he was shot multiple times in 1996, on his way from a venue, after watching a live Mike Tyson fight.

He is said to have been living secretly in Cuba for years now. Someome even leaked some pretty realistic photographs of him in the country.  Several fan theories kept the rumours alive as his numerous fans wait for him to resurface every year. This particular theory is hard to believe and yet tough to despute. Some reputable witnesses have come forward to add substance to this rumour. Making  

2. Elvis is alive
Elvis Presley alive or dead Celebrity rumours

The King of Rock n Roll would be in his early 80s now—if he were still alive. But the fake news of him being alive has long since overwhelmed the fake stories of his death. Elvis Presley died aged 42 in 1977. According to his autopsy, he was a very sick man and his early death was inevitable.

Nevertheless, there has been countless sightings of Elvis over the years, with many people claiming the late singer’s open casket was occupied by a wax figure made in his likeness. How far some theories can go!


3. Bruce Lee was killed by gangs
Craziest celebrity conspiracy theories
Fact: The kung-fu legend died at the young age of 32 from a cerebral edema caused by an allergic reaction to pain medication.  He had sustained a troubling back injury that required some sort of pain relief medication. The fatal allergic reaction was an unforeseen and unexpected occurrence.
  Some believe  this story is fake, and that Lee was killed by Chinese gangs (known as triads) . And why did they kill him?  To prevent him from exposing the secrets of karate to the western world. Others say that a few days prior to his death, a fighter gave him a mystic “death blow” that felled him days later—just like in the movies. There is also a theory swirling around that he died because his betrayed his ‘Chi’. His personal god. 
Recently, during an interview at a American radio station, Action star Jackie Chan was asked about how Bruce Lee actually died,  he ridiculed the theories and said that Lee just died accidentally while at a friends house. No gangs, no Chi?
4. Bill Gates is Satan
Craziest celebrity rumours
This one is certainly one of the craziest celebrity rumours of all time. I mean if you could recognize the devil,  then you must have his number and he must have yours.  You guys must be close, if you know what he looks like. In case you  didn’t know, many believe the World’s richest man Bill Gates has another title—The anti-Christ! Yeah,  having tons of cash for decades, now makes you a candidate for Lucifer? What a pile of rubbish! 
5. Jennifer Lopez insured her butt
Jennifer Lopez Celebrity rumours

You have to have been living in a cave if you haven’t heard about Jennifer Lopez’s Butt.  For some strange reason, several tabloids printed that the stunning Latino star took out a $27 million policy on her famous booty. Even after she went on late-night television to deny it,  the rumours persisted.  I don’t blame the fans and media though Ms. Lopez has a truly beautiful booty!

6. Michael Jackson is Dave Dave
Craziest celebrity rumours
During his life and even after his death,  Michael Jackson was called a lot of things. But this particular one is really crazy.  Do you remember When Dave Dave (né Dave Rothenberg) was a kid, his father doused him in kerosene and set him on fire. Back then King of pop Michael Jackson paid for many of his surgeries. Now the internet is abuzz with the insane theory that Jackson is really alive and disguised as Dave Dave. I honestly do not know how, why and whom came up with this. It’s just plain insane!

7. Cameron Diaz only washes her face with Evian
Craziest celebrity rumours

This is probably the only rumor here that is actually true. Diaz said that when she’s on a film set she doesn’t like to wash her face with the tank water in the trailer and uses bottled water instead. Whether she does it all the time is another matter entirely. She has been known for years for her beautifully flawless skin. 

8. Gene Simmons surgically extended his tongue
For some time now many believe that the KISS frontman had a cow’s tongue grafted onto his own so that his persona as “The Demon” would be more believable. Not true, it turns out that Simmons is just well endowed in the tongue department. 
9. John Lennon was killed by the CIA
celebrity conspiracy theories
On December 1980 John Lennon was shot by a crazed fan Mark David Chapman. He was killed right in front of his Home in New York. The legendary singer was 40 years old. It is widely believed that the Beatles legend was about to expose to the world that the CIA was trying to control population with LSD—he was killed for this. Incredible! 
10. Paul McCartney is an Imposter
One of the members of the famous Beatles also got hooked into the craziest celebrity rumours ever. The Iconic Paul McCartney  is one of the most successful living musicians on earth, and one of the wealthiest too. But some people have long believed that the Paul we know now is an imposter, and the real Paul McCartney died way back in 1969.
I suppose his late Wife Linda McCartney and his famous daughter Stella McCartney are all in the ploy. Absolutely weird.
If this list gets any crazier it might scorch your brain. Celebrity conspiracy theories raised by their fans and critics , and the media as well(shame) will continue to come up. Unfortunately, these outrageous ideas often confuse the real issues. And we end up having celebs who are the devil and Dave Dave and getting killed by the CIA. It’s really quite ridiculous.

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