10 Best selling music artists of all time: billboard record sales

10 Best selling music artists of all time: billboard record sales
Who rules the music world? When it comes to record sales these 10 music acts are the best of the best.  It’s a tough list to be on,  and although some of the elite singers on this list have passed on, their album sales records    continue to dominate in a way that makes it really hard for newer singers to compete with or surpass.
You may be quite familiar with some of the artistes and bands on this list , while others might surprise you.
But one thing is abundantly clear—they are the best selling music artists of all time  .


Top 10 best selling musicians of all time

10. Celine Dion.

Celine Dion top selling artiste

Records sold—124 million albums. This 51 year old Canadian crooner can charm leopards out of their spots with her irresistible voice. Even as a teenager in her native French speaking Quebec in Canada, Celine mesmerized and became an outstanding performer.

However, her worldwide success came in the 90s with her two consecutive albums ‘Falling into you, and ‘Let’s talk about love’ 1996 and 1997 respectively. Ms Celine Dion has not looked back since. The music icon who has a net worth of $650 million is number 10 on the list of best selling music artistes of all time.

9. Eagles

The eagles top selling music artistes of all time

Record sales—129 million albums sold. They are the most successful US rock band ever. The Eagles are an American Rock Band formed in Los Angeles California in 1971. There success has been remarkable, even though the band has been off and on over the years. Their first burst of success was from 1971-1980, after which the disbanded. New and founding members joined up again for their longest run,  from 1994—2016. The disbanded, but reunited again less than a year later in 2017.

8. Mariah Carey—134.7 million units sold.

Mariah Carey best selling music artistes of all time

Her voice has captivated millions for years now. And her hypnotic sound has won her so many fans and millions in record sales. Mariah Carey’s incredible five octave vocal range is only part of what makes this iconic songstress one of the most popular singers on earth. Her vocal range, combined with her singing style and heart stirring voice makes you truly realize you witnessing one of the greats. Especially when you experience her live performances. The 49 year old who is a self confessed diva, is also one of the most consistent performers in music and certainly one of the most successful singers.

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7. Led Zeppelin—139.3 million units sold.

Led Zeppelin top selling music artistes

They are the highest selling rock band in history. One of Led Zeppelin’s hit songs Stairway to heaven is still considered by many as the greatest ever Rock song. Formed in London in 1968, the band which consisted of Charismatic lead vocal Robert Plant,  bass guitarist Jimmy Page, drummer John Bonham, and Keyboardist John Paul Jones, is one of the most influential rock bands in living memory.  After the death of their drummer John Bonham in 1980 from alcohol poisoning, the Band was never really the same again. Many agree that Boham’s ingenious drum Stokes was actually the heart and soul of the band’s music and their popular sound.

6. Garth Brooks—156 million records sold.
Garth Brooks best selling music artistes of all time

This is the super talented singer who took country music to heights never before seen. Multi Grammy Award winning country singer Garth Brooks is by no means the first artiste to infuse pop into his country songs.  Before him, Dolly Parton and Shania Twain did just  that with great success. But the 57 year old Mr. Garth Brooks took things several notches up,  by incorporating pop and Rock into his songs in way that became an instant hit, and created widespread appeal in the United states and the rest of the World.

5. Elton John—167.4 million records sold.

Sir Elton John Best selling music artistes of all time

The legendary Sir Elton Hercules John is currently the most successful British solo artiste ever and the 5th best selling music artiste of all time. The singer/ songwriter and music composer is renowned for his soul stirring songs and remarkable piano playing skills. The 72 year old is still going strong musically after almost six decades of making great music.

4. Madonna.

Madonna top selling music artistes

Record sales—170 million albums. Madonna is One of the most resilient and consistent musical acts ever. And the most successful female artiste in history. Widely regarded as the Queen of pop,  the singer/songwriter, recording artiste, actor and entrepreneur has some of the most memorable music videos and concerts you have ever seen. The 61 year old cones in at number four.

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3. Micheal Jackson.

Michael Jackson top selling music artistes

Record sales—183.5 million albums sold. He really needs no introduction, but we’ll do our best anyway. The late King of Pop Michael Jackson has broken almost every music record there is and continues to do so even years after his death. 

A couple of Important points here: Mr. Jackson holds the incredible distinction of having the first and second highest selling albums in history. The groundbreaking albums are Thriller (1983) and Bad (1988).

2. Elvis Presley.

The King Elvis Presley highest selling music artistes

Record sales— 211.5 million albums sold. The ‘King’ Elvis Presley is the most successful solo artiste in history. Popularly referred to by the single name Elvis, the Mercurial entertainer shaped a great deal of the music genres we have today.  He was prolific, in genres such as Rock,  pop,  blues, gospel and more.  His impact on popular culture can hardly be compared to that of any before him,  only Michael Jackson was able to eclipse this. Incidentally both men died much too early, and almost in the same manner.

1. The Beatles.

The Beatles best selling music artistes in history

Record sales — 270.1 million albums sold.

A band of four extraordinary young men from the U.K who changed the face of music forever.
Many experts believe that the Beatles were the first artistes ever to record a pop song.  Surely, whatever controversy surrounds this notion,  no one can deny that a new and exciting voice was bestowed on the genre by the Beatles.
Take note of the fact that there’s a lot of dispute with regards to estimated record sales of the artistes above. Somewhat bloated sales figures have made it really confusing sometimes.
Fortunately there are excellent reports and records that tell us the exact certified music sales of each of these legendary singers and those are the accurate figures that you see right here on this list.

Who are the best selling singers of all time?

  1. The Beatles 
  2. Elvis Presley 
  3. Michael Jackson 
  4. Madonna 
  5. Elton John 
  6. Garth Brooks 
  7. Led Zeppelin 
  8. Mariah Carey 
  9. The Eagles 
  10. Celine Dion 

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