10 Best Brad Pitt movies: Hollywood A list actor

10 Best Brad Pitt movies: Hollywood A list actor

Love him or hate him, he is still one of the biggest A-list stars in Hollywood, and the best Brad Pitt movies are a great treat and delight any day. Even his less remarkable roles are made special by his powerful and magnetic onscreen presence.

He doesn’t give interviews much,  but when he does, it’s really something to see.

Born William Bradley Pitt, the actor, producer and director whose favorite color happens to be blue, has a way of captivating his audience. You just find yourself rooting for this guy no matter what role he is playing.

Today I’m going to show you our pick of the very best, top 10 movies by this famed American Hollywood actor Brad Pitt .

The following 10 films made the cut for several reasons which include,  critical acclaim. Box office earnings,  and impact on pop culture.

Pitts performances vary here. His range and diversity as an actor are captured perfectly in these 10 hits.

Although his movie career actually kicked off in 1987, it wasn’t until 1991 that the world first took real notice of this beautiful man. It was in the mega hit road movie Thelma and Louise, where he appeared as a hot cowboy hitchhiker. It wasn’t even a lead role and yet he blew audiences away and almost stole the heart of the movie from the two female leads Susan Sarandon and Gina Davis. 
Pitt made such an impression in that movie that it didn’t take long for him to score a major role in a film. In fact in the following year he starred in not one but two commercially and critically successful movies: A river runs through it and Legends of the fall. The latter especially showed the incredible screen appeal of this new and exciting actor. It was one of his more memorable performances.
But the star didnt stop there. He was fast becoming an A lister as he churned out hit after hit. His critically acclaimed performance in 1994 horror film Interview with the vampire was really outstanding, even though he starred opposite scene stealer Tom Cruise.  And his 1995 movies Seven and 12 monkeys cemented him as a Hollywood movie star and one of the most prominent male actors in the world. His role in  Movie 12 monkeys also starring Bruce Willis, was won Pitt his first award—a Golden Globe for best supporting actor and also earned him his first Academy award nomination. And well deserved on too.
The movie Seven was Brad’s biggest hit up to that point. And he starred opposite his then real life love interest Gwyneth Palthrow. Their onscreen chemistry was super, even though offscreen, the relationship eventually failed.
Top 10 best Brad Pitt movies

During this time, the world was already head over heels in love with Brad. And he was popping up constantly on lists of the world’s sexiest men and world’s most handsome men. This of course was happening for one simple reason—Brad is really hot! With an infectious smile that can light up a room and instantly warms the heart, extremely beautiful eyes and super clear skin. And not forgetting his exquisite Blond hair and a chiseled body. In Short, the man is an Adonis. And not only did the world take notice, they also paid loud and devoted attention to his undeniable attractiveness.

But in his movies, the adulation didn’t stop or distract Pitt on his climb to cinematic glorly. His 1999 movie Fight club was an explosive and violent flick that gained both commercial and critical success. Apart from that,  this gritty movie has gained a cult following to this day, and helped show Pitt in a light that most fans had never seen before.
In 2001 he starred in the first of three hiest movies Ocean’s 11, opposite real life close friend George Clooney, Julia Roberts and an unbelievable host of other notable Hollywood A list actors  The movie was a commercial success and spurned Ocean’s 12 and Ocean’s 13 a few years later.
He married beautiful Friends star Jennifer Aniston in 2000, but the marriage lasted only five years. They divorced in 2005 with Aniston citing irreconcilable differences. But the media saw another angle to this,  and her name was Angelina Jolie, Pitt’s Co-star in mega hit movie Mr and Mrs Smith.
Actor Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Brad was married to Jen while making the movie with Jolie, and the press latched onto a few intimate sightings of the onscreen couple and hinted at Romance. And that’s how Brangelina was born. Both Pitt and Jolie Denied any involvement. Until Angelina announced the following year that she was Pregnant with His baby. This was less than a year after Brad and Jennifer had split up.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie finally got married in 2012. But when the marriage crashed in 2016 and led to a bitter divorce battle, many saw it as Karma.
After the publicly and privately traumatic divorce war, both stars are gradually finding their footing and going back to work.
Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t that Brad hasn’t made any Box office bombs. Hardly any popular actor escapes that completely. But true to his remarkable star quality, this Hollywood star has made many Memorable movies, many of which have become cult classics.
But let’s not get carried away now, let me focus on the top 10 best Brad Pitt movies now. And here comes number ten!

10 Best movies by Brad Pitt

10. Allied—2016
9. Babel—2006. (With Cate Blanchett)
8. The Curious case of Benjamin Button—2008. (Academy award nomination best actor)
7. Legends of the fall—1994. (Golden Globe award nomination best actor)
6. Inglorious Bastards—2009
5. Fight club—1999 (With Edward Norton) 
Top movies by Brad Pitt
4. Seven—1995 (with Gwyneth Palthrow and Morgan Freeman)
3. World war Z—2013 (His biggest commercial success with $540 million worldwide box office)
2. Mr & Mrs Smith—2005(with Angelina Jolie)
1. Troy—2004(his second biggest box office hit with $498 million)
Movies by Hollywood actor Brad Pitt
This is our mega list for the best Brad Pitt Movies. A top 10 pick of the most memorable films by the iconic Hollywood actor and producer.
If you feel we left one of your favourites out of this list, please let us know which one it is in the comment section. Or if you like you can give us your own top 10 list of his best movies—according to you.

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